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Wall Decorations and Poster Suggestions That Will Add Elegance to Your Home 🌄 🎨

If you want to decorate your home, walls are one of the most important areas to consider. Background is very important in photographs, movies, paintings and visual arts. Even if the wall is not the first place you look when you enter the house, it is up to the walls to distinguish objects. There are walls in the background of many items that you use for decoration purposes. For this reason, the wall color and design should be chosen very well.

Posters and Wall Decoration

Let's say you don't like mirrors, you don't like the sound of a wall clock, or you don't want to drill into your wall with nails or screws in any way. In this case, double-sided tapes will come to your rescue. Double-sided tapes specially produced for walls do not leave marks and can carry objects up to a certain weight. Wall posters are often preferred because they are both light and can be designed according to the wishes of the person. In this article, we have compiled posters and similar products suitable for other items in your home and for your wall. 

Celebrity Posters

There is a tradition that still continues today, albeit nostalgically: Famous posters from newspapers and magazines... Newspapers and magazines since the middle of the 19th century; He devotes a page to this section so that the readers can hang the famous figures of the period on their walls and wardrobes. These famous figures, who were previously painted on canvas, have become able to be printed on dozens of materials with the development of technology. Many products, from papier-mâché to paper pages, are produced for decorative purposes by printing them as posters. These famous names can be many well-known people such as country leaders, singers, music group, movie stars. You can also hang a poster of a celebrity you love on your wall so that it is always in sight.

Although celebrity posters seem to be mostly preferred by young people, it is possible to come across poster enthusiasts even in older ages. Posters that only feature famous faces are the most interesting, but other types of posters also offer a highly aesthetic appearance.

🏞. The Most Beautiful Poster Models

Design Celebrity Posters

Black board

The blackboard we are talking about here is not the chalkboard found in the classrooms we used in elementary school. It is produced with a material called linol , which is mostly used in poster printing. You can write the text you want on the chalkboard appearance printed on this material, thanks to its special pen. In this way, you will have the chance to handle everything from words of love to tasks that should not be forgotten, thanks to this stylish wall accessory. If you have a structure that does not like chalkboards, you can choose a wall organizer as follows: Wooden Wall Organizer 🌿

Movie Posters

Movies and TV series have become a necessity rather than an activity for millions of people. Along with the pandemic process, this sector also gained an upward momentum. When it comes to Yeşilçam and cinema in our country, Hollywood, which is the best today; He has produced perhaps hundreds of thousands of films so far. When this was the case, people started to hang the posters of the movies they adopted on the walls of their homes. We are sure that you have movies that you like very much in your life. You can create a collage from these major films and hang it on the wall of your home.

We have good news for those who say I like movies, but if I'm going to buy posters, I prefer artistic posters:

👉🏻 Artistic Posters and other artworks

Cartoon Posters

Cartoons are often hand-printed for magazines. Today, cult cartoons, which are also transferred to digital media, have become widespread as posters. Cartoon posters that you find funny and clever can add warmth to your home. 

Poetry - Word Posters

The Little Prince Poster

Some people are close to poetry, some people are close to the novel. Some people take the words of famous thinkers as a life lesson. In fact, these words and poems are so accepted that there are even those who have tattoos on their bodies. You can also take a poem or a word that you have determined as a poster or print it privately, so that it is always in front of your eyes. Above is an example from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's unforgettable work The Little Prince. You can use similar words or poems as posters.

Family Posters

You can print a photo of your spouse or child as a poster. Even photos made nostalgic thanks to photo editing applications can be printed. However, you can get a vintage look with paper type or aging methods.

Posters are a material that adorns our walls from past to present. Regardless of its dimensions, designs and types, it has become an indispensable design material. You can also go to the companies that print any photo or picture and have a poster made in the size you want. As a final piece of advice, ' retro ' posters are very popular these days. A tea cup hanging in the kitchen, a coffee poster on the balcony and a Bob Dylan photo in your living room as a retro poster will make your home warmer and more welcoming.

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