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Creative Design Gift Ideas

Today, with the proliferation of product options and shopping sites, choosing a gift can become difficult. Especially if the place of the person we want to buy a gift is different for us, extra effort can be made when choosing a gift. Thanks to decorative, useful, unforgettable, design or personalized gifts, these special days can turn into unforgettable memories. If you want your gift to be loved, but you can't think of anything, this article is for you. Here are some creative gift suggestions:

  • Creative Gift Ideas for Valentine
  • Creative Gift Ideas for Friend
  • Creative Home Gifts
  • Creative Office Gifts

Creative Gift Ideas for Valentine

Lovers, fiancees and spouses are the most common gift recipients. That's why choosing a gift is the most difficult for these people. Because after a while, a new idea may not come to mind, or he may want the new gift to be better than the previous one. At this point, the person starts to search for creative gift ideas. You can make your lover happy and crown your special day with an unforgettable memory with gift options for personalized products. You can also use these products as creative birthday gifts .

Gift Suggestions for Girlfriend

  • Clothes/Shoes: It is one of the most comfortable gifts you can choose if you know your girlfriend's body measurements. Especially for Valentine's Day, you can buy and wear the same t-shirt or hoodie for both yourself and your girlfriend; You can choose from similar shoe models and combine them.
girlfriend gift hoodie
  • Jewelry : There are very few women who do not like to wear jewelry. That's why if you can't find a gift, earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, bracelets, anklets or piercings are one of the most saving gifts.

gift jewelry for girlfriend




  • Accessories: Another thing that women love is accessories with a wide variety. You can choose from gifts such as sunglasses, hats, watches, shawls, wallets that they can always use and that they will remember you as they use them.
gift accessory for girlfriend




  • Bag: It is a must-have item. That's why you can choose to buy a stylish and useful bag in a color and model that your girlfriend will love.
gift bag for girlfriend
  • Houseware: You can choose special and meaningful gifts such as a scented candle, a stylish framed mirror, a poster of her favorite band, a plush toy of her favorite item, a vase, flower pot, throw pillow, sofa cover or television blanket. You can gift a book by a favorite author or a first edition of a favorite book. If you are good with the kitchen, you can buy a nice dinner set, practical kitchen utensils, cake molds, salad bowls or snacks.
housewarming gift for girlfriend
  • Cosmetics: You can prepare a cosmetic box or makeup bag as a gift for your girlfriend . You can put nail polishes, hand and face creams, masks and peelings, manicure sets, deodorants and perfumes that you use or think you will like. Since make-up materials are very personal, you may find it difficult to do this, but if there is something you want to buy before, now is the time to buy it and put it on! In this way, you will show that you have not forgotten what you said and you will get a gift he wants.
skin care products for girlfriend

Gift Advice for Boyfriend

  • Clothing: T-shirts are among the most frequently worn clothes by men. You can either buy a t-shirt according to your boyfriend's taste, or you can buy couple t-shirts and turn your special day into an unforgettable memory.
gift t-shirt for boyfriend
  • Jewelry: If you like to use it, you can easily buy products such as earrings, necklaces, rings. In addition to these, if you have a special interest, you can use your preference for rosary.
gift jewelry for boyfriend
  • Accessory: If you want your gift to be something you want your boyfriend to always carry with him, you can choose an accessory. You can dwell on this idea, especially since it will carry items such as watches, wallets, tobacco bags much more often. If he has a car, you can choose a car scent, a music CD with his favorite parts, or one of the other automotive accessories. A briefcase he can use on his way to work or a handy backpack if he's a student will also work quite well.
gift accessory for boyfriend
  • Houseware: Houseware is a very easy gift choice for people who want to decorate their home. You can buy an ashtray, a TV chair, a new console, a comfortable pillow, a board game. If you like computer or console games, one of the first things that comes to your mind is to buy a game and it is a great choice as a gift for a game-loving man . You can buy a game that you want or think you will like, and if you don't know which game to buy, you can browse your boyfriend's wish list. If you wish, you can also choose a comfortable sitting chair, a stylish bookcase or a floor lamp with an eye-catching design.
housewarming gift for boyfriend
  • Personal Care: If your boyfriend is someone who takes care of his hair and beard, you can buy him a shaving kit. You can also prepare a set of care products, creams, masks, shaving foam and hand/body lotions for their hair and beard.
skin care products gift for boyfriend

Creative Gift Ideas for Friend

Buying a gift for a friend is relatively easier than buying a gift for a lover. Even if it is someone whose taste you do not know very well, you can receive a meaningful gift that is generally beautiful. Gift suggestions for friend:
  • T-shirt, sweater, jacket, gloves, scarf, socks, shawl, scarf
  • Sunglasses, watch, cell phone case, rosary, key chain, wallet
  • Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets, rings
  • Flavored teas and coffees, imported chocolates, handmade chocolates
  • Vase, flower pot, pillow, pillowcase, pique, baking dish, sculpture, table, mug, coat rack, table lamp, candle, incense, artificial flowers, towel, tea/coffee cup
  • Puzzle, board game, deck of cards, book, comic
  • Deodorant, perfume, moisturizer, mask

Creative Home Gifts

Choosing a housewarming gift can be a difficult issue as there are many varieties. Although most people prefer to receive a simple gift, receiving an elegant gift for their needs will make you very happy.
  • Borcam, salad bowl, snack bowl, dinnerware, serving set, baking dish, storage container
  • Jug, mug, water glass, tea glass, coffee cup, wine/whiskey/raki glass
  • vase, flower pot, coaster, statue, trinket, candle, incense
  • Coffee table, nest, balcony chair, beanbag chair, television chair, hanger
  • floor lamp, sconce, table lamp, chandelier, lampshade
  • Carpet, rug, mat, bath towel, kitchen towel, bedspread, bedding set, throw pillow, sofa cover
  • Laser cut wall accessories, table, frame, poster, tapestry, mirror
  • Drawer organizer, organizer for kitchen shelves, shoe box, shoe ramp, shawl / scarf hanger, hanger, make-up organizer, shower hanger

Creative Office Gifts

There are many office gifts that you can buy for a friend, lover, or just starting out, or whenever you feel like it. Here are some of them:
  • Stationery Products: Stationery products are the most used items. You can prepare a gift package consisting of stylishly designed pens, paper clips, note papers and business card holders.
  • Design Products: By choosing the gift you will receive from design products, you can get a different and stylish gift. You can choose products such as waist pillows, calendars, mousepads for the office chair. A mug, thermos, organizer, ashtray, plaque, three-dimensional lamp or briefcase made specifically for the name will also be very good choices.
  • Desktop Accessories: With products such as pen holder, nameplate, clock, frame, bluetooth speaker, desk lamp, desktop organizer, note paper holder, wireless powerbank, you can make a good gift choice and always be remembered.
  • Decorative Products: In addition to the products that are used all the time, you can also choose gifts that are only pleasing to the eye. You can frame a photo together and give it as a gift. You can choose to buy a sculpture, trinket, a vase with an artificial flower, accessories with LED lights, tiny figures of a favorite movie or character, a design related to your work.

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