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Things to Consider in Picnic Shots 📸 🧺 🌳

The boringness of city life and people's longing for green is increasing day by day. This situation also causes an increase in picnic organizations. Picnics that you will organize with your family and friends also host nice photos. Picnic shots, which have been popular lately, have become indispensable for both professional photographers and amateur photography lovers.

Tips for Picnic Shots

So, what are the tricks for picnic shots that we are used to seeing on social media? Here are the tricks of picnic shooting in 3 basic steps 👇🏻

Use Appropriate Picnic Equipment for Shooting

Baskets are one of the first things that come to mind when you think of picnics. Wicker baskets, which are quite photogenic, are perfect for photo shoots! Especially the wicker basket that you put on a gingham picnic mat will make itself evident on the lush green grass. The fruit you can put in your basket and aesthetic foods suitable for shooting will also be reflected in the photos in a pleasant way.


Apart from these basic items, you can also include additional details that you may prefer. For example; A freshly picked bunch of flowers, an old suitcase, radio, pillows will add a completely different atmosphere to your photos. Picnic concept shots are generally in favor of nostalgia. Therefore, you can easily include vintage pieces. When the plates you use are antiques, it will be inevitable to get great photos.🍽 Design plate models can also help you get great results for this concept. You can also make your shot warmer by making room for items such as candlesticks or lanterns. A nostalgic bike that you will include in your picnic will also add naturalness to your photos.

picnic shoot accessories

Design Susu Oro Straw Bag


FUSSKA Lavender Plate 6

Clothing Selection Is Very Important!

We mentioned that vintage style is dominant in picnic shots. Women generally prefer dresses with balloon sleeves, frills, scalloped and gingham in this type of shoot. Men can also favor earth-toned trousers and linen shirts with strap details. Straw hats are must-have items for women when it comes to picnic shooting.


Men can also choose from hats in the English style. If babies or children will take part in the picnic shoot, then natural looking overalls, men's shirts , trousers or dresses designed with linen fabric can come to the fore. A combination suitable for the concept can be made with frilly or knitted hats worn on babies' heads. Gardener trousers or dresses are also ideal for picnic shoots.

Choosing clothes for a picnic

THE MOLC Ivy Dress - Blue

MINISCÚLE BY EBRAR Bonbonian Dress Orange and Blue

DUT PROJECT Puula - Classic Collar, Folded Long Sleeve Şile Cloth Men's Shirt

Weather and Venue

If you are organizing a perfect picnic concept shoot, you should definitely follow the weather forecast in advance. Because if the weather is sunny, your photos will look more vivid and bright. In addition, the hours you will shoot are also important for your photos to be beautiful. If you shoot early in the morning or close to dark, you may end up with dark photos. Therefore, in the afternoon and afternoon, when the sun's rays soften; Ideal for your picnic shoot. If you think you missed the sun and time is running out, don't worry. You can create a completely different concept with candlesticks, candle holders, mirrors and decorative lighting products.

photo shoot decoration for picnic

CASA CIARA Bubble Gum Mirror

BOULE DE PETITE Sunshine Illuminated Ball Lighting

FAMNDESİGN HOLA Elephant Pattern Table Lamp


It is also important to have depth in the place where you will shoot. If you intend to have natural and remarkable photos, you should make sure that the background is as green as possible. in the background; Details such as streams, streams and waterfalls add depth to your photos. Especially if you are shooting in an area with lots of flowers, then it will not be eaten. Some people may want to prefer beaches for picnic shots. You can also get great photos on a beach with a deep blue sea view and a sandy beach.

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