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10 Suggestions for a Quality Sleep 😴

Conditions Caused by Insomnia and Solution Suggestions

Most adults in modern societies need about 8 hours of sleep to be fully fresh when they wake up. So, which of us has the chance to sleep for exactly 8 hours? Unfortunately, an important part of the society says "Hello" to an unproductive day after an inadequate and unbalanced sleep process every night. Although late sleeping habits, work stress, thinking about things to do and emotional problems are among the most prominent sleep problems, sometimes the primary enemies of sleep can be the drugs used, the environment and the unsatisfactory sleep elements such as bed/pillow. Do these reasons sound familiar to you? I think most of us crave sleep. Then it's time to get some inspiration from this article to take sleep from dusty shelves and put it by our bedside.

Problems increase with age!

Many things can cause sleep problems. By the time an individual turns 60, the sleep/wake cycle may not work as it used to. Some habits, such as caffeinated beverages, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco, can cause sleep problems. For this reason, it is recommended to abandon these habits or, at worst, reduce them. Sleep problems can also occur due to another illness or because of an existing pain that makes the person sleepless. In addition, some medications have the potential to cause problems with sleep. Blood pressure medications, drugs that control cholesterol, etc. are among the reasons for this effect.

Plants That Facilitate the Transition to Sleep

It would be impossible not to mention some plants that facilitate the transition to a balanced and quality sleep. The most effective of them are; It is a component found in lemon balm, lavender, sage and apigenin. These plants play a very important role in re-establishing a healthy sleep pattern and act on multiple sleep centers in our brain.

What are the Causes of Insomnia?

Insomnia often has more than one cause. The most common causes of chronic insomnia are as follows:
  • bedtime habits
  • Tobacco, alcohol and caffeine consumption
  • to be depressed
  • Being stressed and anxious
  • Uncomfortable bed, pillow or environment
  • Sleeping in extremely cold and hot rooms
  • Drugs used
  • thyroid disorder
  • lack of air

Suggestions for a Quality Sleep

Insomnia often gets better by changing your sleeping habits. So the cure for insomnia is something that is mostly in your hands. If the methods you apply do not work, you should resort to medical methods. If the sleep problem is not resolved, it can also affect your quality of life. For this reason, first of all, create a regular sleep schedule for yourself. Whatever happens; Don't break this schedule and keep it up all week. In this way, you will take the most basic step towards a healthy sleep. At the same time, adjust the temperature of your room and ventilate your room often. Here are some of the other things you should do:

#1 Go to rest mode at least 1 hour before bedtime; For example, take a warm shower and read a book under your blanket.

A warm bath can be taken at night before going to bed. Bathing with warm water will relax the body. In addition, the body, which is exposed to hot water and then comes into contact with cold air, will be the stepping stone to sleep. Then start reading under your blanket. In a short time, you will find that you have succumbed to sleep.

#2 Avoid consuming caffeine and/or alcohol before going to bed.

Consuming caffeine before going to bed at night will keep you awake. Therefore, avoid drinks containing caffeine and alcohol. Instead of caffeinated drinks, you can drink beverages with high calcium content. If you feel hungry, have drinks and snacks. For example, a glass of warm milk, fruit or yoghurt may be preferred as a snack just before going to bed at night, but it is still the healthiest to consume nothing.

#3 Meditate.

Perhaps the best method for those who have psychological difficulties in falling asleep is meditation. Sleep meditations, especially focusing on the person's problem, can provide a great sleep transition. For this, a sleep meditation kit like the one below can make your job easier.

#4 Make sure your bedroom is quiet and smells good.
The cleaner the air in your bedroom is, the easier it is to sustain a quality sleep. For this, first make sure that you ventilate your room enough. If your bed, pillows and duvet are comfortable enough, clean and smell good, you can be 1-0 ahead to fall asleep easily. Besides these; The scent and aroma of lavender can calm the nerves and make you relax. A 2005 study revealed that someone who sniffed lavender oil for 2-3 minutes improved sleep quality. It also helps to wake up with a fresher body condition in the morning. You can benefit from candles that provide a therapeutic effect with such aromatherapy oils and scents. sleep preparation aromatherapy oils ALFHEIM ESSENTIAL OILS & AROMATHERAPY MELISA ESSENTIAL AROMATHERAPIC OIL
#5 Regular exercise can improve sleep quality and duration.
It will be much easier to fall asleep if you exhaust your body by exercising during the day and need a quality rest period.
#6 Don't eat late at night. In fact, if possible, do not consume anything other than water in the last 4 hours before going to bed.
The best time to eat heavy meals is 4 hours before bedtime. Also, fatty foods, chocolate and spicy foods will not be digested if you eat them a few hours before bedtime. Try to eat bananas, avocados, egg yolks and spinach at least 4 hours before bedtime. These foods will improve your sleep quality.
#7 Don't try to sleep by watching TV or looking at your phone; listen to music instead.
Listening to music can be a surefire way to get your fast sleep. Get an eye pillow , choose soft rhythmic music and play it at medium level. Studies show that slow-paced music at 60 to 80 beats per minute has the potential to improve your sleep quality. In addition to these, you can also get help from a music box if you wish. By the way, don't you think the eye pillows below are very stylish?
eye pillow
#8 Don't nap during the day.
If you've already gotten the sleep your body needs during the day, it's very normal that you can't sleep at night. Do not try to sleep during the day after a bad night's sleep. Instead, stick to your normal bedtime hours.
#9 Turn off the lights before bed; Provide a dark or dim environment.
Sleeping with the lights dim or off will improve the quality of your sleep. The ideal time to turn off the lights is an hour before bed. Try it from tonight. If you don't like the dark, you can create a dim but serene environment thanks to the night lights. As an example, you can evaluate the following cute night lamps.
special design night light
#10 Turn off all devices, computers, and televisions.
Turn off all electronics, computers and televisions an hour before bedtime. This makes you more relaxed and prone to sleep.

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