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Easy Hairstyles to Do at Home

"How should I do my hair today?" While the question is not a problem for some women, it is officially a cruelty for some. Because some women can collect their hair in 2 minutes and leave the house, while others spend hours trying various hairstyles. For this reason, we have prepared a daily hairstyle guide for those who do not like to deal with and do not want to spend much time on hair making at home . Here are easy hairstyles that can be done at home

Easy Hairstyles at Home

If you are in trouble with your hair and have to face this problem often, these 5 easy hairstyle suggestions are for you:

1. Simple and Stylish Bun

Women who fit the bun to their facial features should first collect their hair in the form of a ponytail from the top. Then the ponytail should be fixed using a thick rubber band. The hair collected from the top is opened evenly in the middle and passed under the thick elastic. By collecting the last remaining tails regularly, they can get a stylish bun on a sports outfit.

You can complete the sporty atmosphere of your minimal and stylish bun with the following clothes and accessories. You can find the right model for you by trying it immediately and quickly.

Women's Combination 2022

Fine People Community The Love Bustier

Fine People Community The Chill Pants

Lexon Take Time Original Wristwatch

2. Bow Knob

There is one of the easy hairstyles that can be done at home that will make you look very cute. This is one of the easy hairstyles especially for ballerina bun lovers. Again, collect your hair in the form of a ponytail from the top. Gather the ponytail so that there is very little tail left. Divide the gathered part into two equal parts and pass the remaining small tail through the middle. Secure this tail to the bun you give a bow look, thanks to the wire and buckles. That is all!

You can get a more stylish look by supporting your bow or butterfly bun with the following clothes and accessories.

Bralet - Skirt - Bag Combine

JUNIÉ Terry Bralet White

Pambuck Lydia Skirt

Mien London Bag (Beige) - Knitted Square Bag with Round Handle and Long Strap

3. Herringbone Braided Ponytail

The last in the category of casual hairstyles is to add a ponytail to the herringbone braided hair. For this very different yet practical model, you should braid your hair into a ponytail starting from the top. When you come to the nape part, you should combine it with your remaining hair and collect it in the form of a ponytail. Thanks to its stance and ease, this model will be among your favorites. However, you can bring a new perspective to this elegance with stylish and sports clothes and women's bags as below.

Sports women's combinations

BlasCut Zebra White Oversize Women's T-shirt

IN D'TALES Milos Unisex Shorts

VOSE Eco-Friendly and Durable Waist Bag | Grey

4. Chain Hair Tie

Especially if you have a sophisticated clothing style, you should definitely try the chain hair tie model. For this, in the first step, separate your hair from 3 places, the nape, the top and the middle, and collect it with small transparent elastics. Get a curvy look by twisting each one in itself once. In the last step, pass the tufts you have tied from the top to the nape of each other. Here, with women's accessories , which allows you to start the elegance race 1-0 ahead; Hair making at home with the chain link model is that simple!

Sophisticated Women's Combination

MASUWERTE The Sakura Kimono

PAPERWALLET Clutch - Botanic

JUNIÉ Terry Shorts Jumpsuit

5. Half Punk Braided Pattern

We can say that braided hairstyles inspired by punk style are back. But if you are someone who likes to try innovations, you can add a difference by braiding half of your hair. After giving your hair a slight wave, divide it in half. Knit only the top of one side shabby herringbone. Leave the braid halfway before the end and hide the remaining end under the braid with the help of the buckle. Then set aside one of the women's backpack models and end up with a combination like the one below.

Rebel Women's Combinations

SEVDRUS Unisex Juniper Sweatshirt

ORGANICRAFT Country Backpack / Yellow

BAIZE Black Check Shorts

When considering elegance for women, there are many different alternatives. It is also possible to diversify the combinations according to the place, time and mood and to make a remarkable or enviable line-up. For those who do not want to show up with the clothes or accessories that everyone wears, design products are exactly the point-and-shoot solution. If you wish, you can examine these products and make choices according to your own criteria.

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