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Selection of Sweaters and Sweatshirts for Women by Body Type

We can say that sweaters and sweatshirts are the complementary parts of the 2022 winter and spring fashion trend. It is possible to come across many different sweater models, such as woolen, V-neck, drop-in collar, turtleneck, long, short. You can get different looks by combining these models with trendy colors. However, at this point, you should not forget that not every sweater model will be suitable for your body type and you should not buy a sweater model that looks stylish on every mannequin. After all, we don't all have the body lines and tall neck of a model.

That's why we have given you a lot of advice on how to choose sweaters and sweaters according to your body type . If you are trying to take care of what you wear, you should definitely examine the tricks of dressing correctly according to your measurements. In this way, you can create combinations that are both suitable for the fashion of the year and compatible with your body type.

How to Choose a Sweater Suitable for 2022 Winter Fashion and Body Type ?

Women With Rectangular Bodies: Tight Sweaters

Those who have a straight body or do not have clear body lines should choose sweaters that will shape their bodies. Especially the answer to the question of who suits a turtleneck sweater is definitely rectangular women. You can create perfect combinations with turtleneck tight knitwear. The bottom clothes you should avoid in these combinations are tight trousers and skirts. Your choice of sweater can be ruffled or shirred in harmony with this year's fashion. In addition, sweaters with horizontal lines can be the right choice as it will camouflage the narrow and flat appearance of your body lines.

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Women With Apple Bodies: V-Neck Sweaters

For ladies with apple bodies, let's just say this; When choosing sweaters according to your body type, you should stay away from thick sweaters that will emphasize your measurements. You should prefer sweaters that do not hug the body. For example, sweaters and cardigans with tunic features are just for you! You have to take the attention away from the shoulders. V-neck sweaters, which will draw attention to the chest area, are the ideal choice for you. You can wear small patterned models, especially by using trendy colors but choosing a dark tone.

Pear Body Women: Long Sweaters

Pear-shaped women with wide hips should always balance their hips and shoulder width. For this reason, you should avoid choices that will make the shoulders look wider. Sweaters suitable for 2022 winter fashion for you; They are models with details such as padded choices, boat necks, epaulettes on the shoulders. If you are tall, you can choose models that will cover the hips as a sweater length. For example, you can try sweatshirt models that are short in the front and long in the back, or sweatshirts that attract attention with their shabby appearance, which are among the trends of this year.

shabby sweatshirt

Hourglass Body Women: Belt Sweaters

Women with this body type are very lucky. For this reason, they can choose sweaters that are compatible with the trends of the season, which will emphasize the hourglass body appearance. For women who have proportional sizes and are wondering how to choose a sweater according to their body type, especially belted sweaters or sweater models with a belt on the back are the right choice. In other words, the aim should be to find the model that will reveal the waist and add accessories suitable for this model. The clothes you should avoid are too thick and loose-fitting sweaters. Because the sweater types that are too abundant prevent the person from exhibiting his body by hiding the thin waist image. However, we can say that women with this body type can wear almost any sweater, sweater, cardigan or sweater with peace of mind. For example, the following models are also very stylish pieces for them.

women sweater models



Petite Women: Tight & Short Sweaters & Sweatshirts

If you have a petite appearance with your body lines and you think that most sweaters do not suit you, do not worry! There are sweaters suitable for 2022 winter fashion according to your measurements. For example, we can say that short and narrow sweater models are cut out for you. Because it would be best for women with petite body shapes to prefer models that end just above their hips. You can create the right combinations by using gray and yellow, which are among the fashionable colors this season. While researching how to choose sweaters according to body type, you will notice that yellow and gray continue to dominate in the winter creations of famous brands.

If you have petite body lines, you should definitely stay away from loose-fitting sweaters. Since your aim is to camouflage your petite appearance, you should choose sweater models that fit your body perfectly. The right sweater choice for you will be models that end just above your hips. In other words, you should be familiar with short and tight sweaters. You can complete your combination in a way that suits your purpose by wearing a mini skirt, high waist trousers or leggings. You can review some sweat and tights suggestions below.

petite women's combinations




Big Breasted Women: Slim Sweaters

In general, women with large breasts avoid wearing sweaters. Because they think that sweaters reveal this look more. However, thin sweaters made of light materials are an exception to this situation. Therefore, if you want to choose the right sweater with the 2022 trends , you should stick to thin sweaters. Especially light and thin models like cashmere are perfect for you!

Short Women: V-Neck Sweaters

Just like the apple body, the most beautiful sweater choice for short women is the V-neck. Although turtleneck sweaters, which are the star of the season, look very nice, short women should stay away from such collars. Instead, you should prefer V-neck sweaters. Especially yellow and gray V-neck sweaters, which are in the fashion colors of the year , or light blue models compatible with jeans should never be missing from your closet. If it suits your style, you can also include tulle details in your sweaters.

Tall Women: Loose Sweatshirts and Pullovers

There is no rule that says body type should always be displayed. However, you can create perfect looks by choosing the right sweater according to your body shape . If you want to dress both modern and create the right combinations, you should not ignore these suggestions. For example, if tall women want to choose the right sweater , they should prefer loose sweaters. Especially if you have long legs, you can get great combinations with the 2022 trend shabby sweater or cardigan that you will wear over tights. But if you want to capture a more feminine look instead of a masculine style, it will be enough to wear a belt with an O-ring buckle on your waist.

shabby sweat woman

Women with Short Tops: Shoulder Detailed Sweaters

Women whose upper region is shorter than their lower part should stay away from sweaters that end in the waist area. Instead, sweater models that are compatible with the 2022 trends that half cover the hip should be preferred. The goal is to carefully find models that will pull on the shoulders and on. On the other hand, those with the opposite body type - that is, women whose lower region is shorter than the upper part - can combine high waist trousers with short sweaters. If you want, you can use fastening, chain and buckle belts.

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