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How to Choose a Lumbar Support Pillow?

People's working habits have undergone a great change in the historical process. In the past, the use of intense physical force was the most important condition for our survival until prehistoric times. It was a time when the weak were eliminated and the physically healthy could survive. Although they had main titles such as hunting, gathering and migrating, they all had a structure that made it important to move within themselves. The change of human physique has also undergone developments and changes in the way of survival.

human evolution

However, over time, people began to use their minds other than their physique to earn their living, and with the development of technology, the intensity of physical activities began to fall into the background for many people. And now we started to go to gyms to move, to try to gain the skills we have gained in nature with tools.

Today, many people try to earn their living at the same desk in offices and offices for years. In such a situation, sitting constantly poses many problems for human physiology. Especially waist and back health is directly related to spine health. In order to protect our spine health, we need to lift the right weights, move a lot and avoid damaging situations. Because ignoring the spine, waist and back health today can invite bigger problems after a few years. These problems can feed many back pain and low back pain problems in later ages.

back pain office
Our recommendation is to use a quality lumbar pillow for those who work sitting down, for those who use it for a long time. In fact, it is necessary to support our back and waist with a lumbar support pillow every time we sit and watch TV at home for our lumbar and back health. In this article, we would like to discuss the things to consider when choosing a lumbar pillow. How to choose a lumbar pillow, what should be its features. You can find all the details in the items below.

1- Should the Lumbar Support Pillow be Hard or Soft?

Although the softness or hardness varies according to the person, our recommendation is 48 density. While very soft pillows are crushed on your back, hard pillows take the shape of the waist and are far from supporting. However, a standard or large lumbar support pillow should support your back in the office, at home or in the car . The sponge or polyurethane lumbar pillows on the market unfortunately either get crushed on your back or are so hard that they make you feel like you have a board behind you. For this reason, the lumbar support pillow should definitely consist of visco material. Lumbar support pillows, which are 100% Visco , are neither too hard nor too soft, they fill the gaps of your waist. It supports your correct sitting and helps to reduce lower back and back pain .

what is visco

👉🏻 What is Visco?

Visco is a product developed by the American Space Agency Nasa and produced for the use of astronauts in space. And after the patent expired, it went public. Although it is produced by many companies, the selection of raw materials is very important due to quality differences. It consists of using original visco material, best dough and cooking in high quality ovens. Yes, visco is baked in the oven :) its actual state is liquid like cake batter. It reaches its ideal point by cooking. It does not harm human health.

2- How Should the Lumbar Support Pillow Cover Be?

Since the lumbar pillow will come into contact with your back and it covers a large area, it should definitely breathe. The use of micro-cell Visco filler greatly reduces the problem of sweating. Of course in normal weather; otherwise we will sweat where we stand above 30 degrees. With the open-cell visco-filled lumbar pillow, the fabric of the cover should definitely breathe for the best fight against sweating. It can be cotton or polyester, the important thing is that it sheds sweat. World-renowned sports brands prefer polyester for DRY, that is, dry-keeping t-shirts and sports equipment. Our recommendation is micro polyester. It is a durable and breathable fabric that is much more expensive than normal cotton fabric. It passes air. So you don't sweat, water vapor is easily expelled. Micro polyester fabrics are long lasting. It is resistant to friction. You use it for years and it is as smooth as the first day. Moreover, if there is a mixture of lycra, this will stretch easily, allowing you to get the best benefit from the Visco Waist Pillow filling.

3- How should the waist support pillow size be?

Although the size issue varies from person to person, we can say that average sizes are suitable for many people. You can choose a large waist pillow, this will increase your comfort and convenience. Of course, comfort is very important in the office, but a large lumbar pillow may not look very visually pleasing. However, for people over a certain kg, the average size back cushion may not have much effect. Our recommendation is for those over 85 kg to choose a large lumbar pillow, for the rest standard lumbar pillows will be sufficient.

4- Should a lumbar pillow be fun?

Definitely a waist pillow should be fun :) In addition to the usual colors, colors such as pink , purple , smoked , red will be a good alternative for office workers. With the prints on it, you can have a waist pillow that no one else has and makes you happy. If your desk is being harassed too much and you find others in your place when you get up, you can even personalize it with the name and send them a message. So yes it should definitely be fun. Printed waist pillow is both a healthy and inevitable necessity for office workers. Presenting a classic product in a simple yet sophisticated way is what ViscOfis does best! You can find all waist pillows on this link.

Result: You can reach a happy and healthy working process with ViscoOfis Waist Pillow. It is a specially designed product that you and your loved ones can use safely throughout the year. It is also a life saver for those suffering from low back and back pain. But remember, for those who have low back and back pain problems, we recommend that they take additional precautions after seeing a doctor. Low back and back pain, especially if it is chronic, may be a symptom of other diseases.

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