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Healthy Tips for Office Workers

Office life is a dream for some, and it is a difficult process where working with many people in a closed environment is uncomfortable. While some offices have depressingly cold lighting, inability to adapt to seasonal conditions, hygiene problems and technical impossibilities, some of them make office workers happy with their design and facilities, although they go every day like an amusement park. Although working in the office brings some advantages, there are also some difficulties. In particular, the health of employees is sometimes completely left to their own self-sacrifice. In this article, we will compile essential healthy suggestions for office workers.

1- Drinking Plenty of Water:

Since water is our source of life, it controls many of our vital structures. As it has more effective benefits than some drugs, it is also indispensable for our skin and organ health. About 60% of an adult human is water. Although this rate varies for women and men, 60% is actually a very high rate. As we age, the amount of fat retained in the body increases, and on the contrary, the water content decreases. That's why it's important to drink more water as you get older.

drinking water in the office

Many times we forget to drink water. Thirst, as a symptom, does not make our social life difficult at first, provided that there is no dehydration. It can start with a small dry mouth. However, even this shows how important it is. We realize it because we feel that a constantly moist place like your mouth is affected so quickly, but what about the things we don't realize? We cannot immediately feel how our organs, our kidneys, are affected. Therefore, the damage may be greater.

We can find ways to remind ourselves to drink water in the office, in the office, in short in our work area. As there are many applications on smartphones, thanks to the timer, we can meet our water needs without alarming our body.

In addition, a closed water bottle on the table will make our work much easier.

2- Quality of Ambient Ventilation:

ventilate the office

Especially if your office is decorated in an open style, that is, an environment where many employees breathe the same air, ventilation becomes much more important. Considering that your company's customers also participate in the environment, we can say that the air of the environment becomes more polluted and invites many diseases.

Many bacteria and viruses choose the airway as their method of spread. Covid-19, that is, the corona virus , chooses this way the most. It's not even sincere that invisible particles in the air can make you sick. In addition, some bacteria can hang in the air for days. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to prevent this. Frequent ventilation is one of the best solutions. Moreover, the healthiest thing is to provide direct natural air flow. One of the most important reasons for the increase in diseases in winter is that the windows are kept closed due to the heat problem of the doors. When more than one person works in the office, the sensitivity of some people to the cold causes the doors and windows to be closed for a long time. This creates an ideal environment for viruses and bacteria.

Although technologically, office supplies and the products used here are very advanced, many air conditioners cannot provide the full hygiene you want. Especially if it has a task such as air conditioning, that is, turning the air inside, things can get worse. Still the best solution for this is good sunlight and plenty of ventilation.

3- Desk Office Exercises

office exercises

Image source: Pinterest

Working by sitting at a desk for long hours, having to write e-mails all the time, and making endless phone calls is, of course, not easy for office workers who work at a desk in an office chair, even though for some it is " how well you work from where you sit ". In fact, things can get worse on stressful days, and brain fatigue can be added to body aches. One of the worst aspects of office life is unfortunately not enough space. But there are still some movements that you can do even from sitting position. With a little search on the internet, you can find waist, neck and wrist movements that you can do every hour. There are also many exercises to reduce the negative aspects of conditions such as back and low back pain. But remember, not all back pain or low back pain is caused by sitting. Therefore, it is useful to see a doctor in chronic pain. In addition, carpal tunnel syndrome, which occurs due to the pressure on the wrist, is one of the disorders that affect many people in this century. Even if you can't completely get rid of these types of problems by using aids, it will help to reduce their effects.

4- Eating Healthy:

healthy eating office

Even though meal times in the office are regular, they are usually not sufficient. Moreover, if the meals are provided by the employer, sometimes you may not have much choice. Many scientists have been trying to explain on television for years about the necessity of staying away from fatty and salty foods. Turning to vegetables and getting the necessary vitamins and proteins from vegetables and legumes can offer us a productive and quality life. Therefore, every office worker can carry his fruit or snack with him. Fruit-based sugar, which does not contain white sugar, can sometimes be your savior.

While the benefits of an apple to be snacked between meals do not end by counting, the citric acid in its content is one of the most natural tooth cleaners. You can also regulate your blood sugar so you can stay fitter. We recommend that you consume it with its shell. Thus, you will not be deprived of the vitamins and minerals in the shell.

5- Healthy Desktop Products Lumbar Pillow and Mouse Pad:

maintaining back health while working

One of the positive aspects of desk work is that you can design your own desk the way you want. Many desks reflect that employee's character. If you have a messy and unclean office desk, your other friends may not think very positively about you. Although classic waist pillows save lives, they may not give the fun office effect we want. You can choose your office waist pillow without compromising your health and fun.

👉🏻 Here are some fun office waist pillow suggestions.

In this way, while bringing color to your office, you can reduce or even prevent the effects of negative situations such as low back and back pain. However, do not forget to consult your doctor, as some low back and back pain may be an indication of more important problems.

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