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A New Breath in Office Decoration and Workplace Gifts!


Our company, which we founded based on the idea of "Happy Hour", the sine qua non of office life, inspired us to spread the "Happy Hour" concept, which was expected throughout the week, throughout the week. Then our story took shape in the field of comfort and convenience and turned into Visco Office . We have prepared products that will make you a little happier in your office, office, workplace, whatever it is called, to provide you with unusual office gifts to your loved ones, and most importantly, to consider your health while doing these and to offer you comfort in the short term.

We set off on the road with a Visco-filled lumbar pillow. Moreover, we have offered 8 different cover options for each of our products according to your choice. Thus, instead of ready-made products, a structure prepared according to your preference and controlled for quality came out. We have made black, red, blue, pink, purple, green, gray and yellow color options selectable in all our "Visco Waist Pillow" products.


Of course, it was not easy to offer so many color options, but the important thing was to increase your options. In addition, we made your Visco Waist Pillow even more fun with nearly 40 designs. Even though we have so many options, we have put our "Design Yourself" infrastructure into service for personalized products and personalized gifts for those who still want to create a design instead of our designs. Visco waist pillow, back cushion yourself; You can decorate it with photos and texts as you wish, and you can choose one of these 8 cover colors.

We are not just limited to this, we have presented you a wrist supported mouse pad with about 40 different designs. Again, in the "Design Yourself" section, we have made our wrist supported mouse pads available to you. Although it is mostly in demand by those who want to buy a gift for their valentine, we think that it will appeal to everyone in the future. We think it's beautiful. Think about it, you can bring a very pleasant photo with your lover to your visco back cushion, wrist-supported mousepad and even your porcelain mug glass as a personalized gift with your own hands.


Visco is now a very well-known and popular filling material, the secret is that it is very soft and does not get crushed on your back or under you. So how should it be? The Visco that we use in Visco Lumbar Pillow and Seating Cushion is primarily made of original dough and its hardness is not intended to be crushed under you or your back, but to take shape. Thus, Visco Back Support has been designed to take the shape of your spine, fill and support your lumbar cavities. The Visco Seating Cushion also divides the load on your coccyx equally, allowing you to sit correctly and offers you a unique experience without being crushed under you.

In addition, we manufacture all our Visco products in accordance with Medical Standards. Our Visco Lumbar Pillow and Visco Seating Cushion have ISO 13485:2016 Medical Standards.


You have sent and received gifts such as flowers, edible flowers, chocolate and terrariums to places such as offices, offices, workplaces many times. The orchids have withered and are never the same no matter what you do. You googled it. You tried to save. But it didn't happen... The chocolates were eaten, it's over...

viscofis lumbar support pillow yellow

ViscOfis products will positively affect your health throughout the year, you will get rid of waist, neck and back pain, and with our wrist supported mousepads, you will get away from the negative effects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is known for its numbness and pain effects on the nerves in the wrist. Moreover, it is multi-colour, multi-design and fully customizable. Visco Lumbar Pillow, Visco back cushion, Visco sitting pillow, mouse pads with wrist support and porcelain mugs... Now in office decoration, office gifts and new job congratulations with 2, 3 and 4 Comfortable Working Sets. you have more options.

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