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The Story of Adade Design's Design Pillows

First of all, can you introduce yourself?

I was born in Bandırma in 1980, I live in İzmir. I have always admired handicrafts, most notably the local and original designs prepared in houses and small workshops in settlements with a lower population, where the craftsman freely reflects the emotion he feels without being bound by standards, to colors and forms.

Can you share with us the story of the emergence of your brand?

While establishing the Adade brand, I wanted to add details that are far from ordinary, original, different and containing art to our living spaces. We adapted my charcoal drawings that I drew myself to embroidery programs with my teammates who are experts in the sector, and we designed products that are completely handcrafted in the workshop by using functional and quality materials with choices that can meet all expectations in the usage areas.


Could you briefly inform us about the emergence and production processes of your designs?

Erdek, Fethiye and İzmir for the last 23 years.. I think living in port cities has always been the best gift of my life; My father's passion for the sea made me love the sea at a young age and when everything came together like parts of a whole, my first collection was formed spontaneously. We are a very new brand yet, the product variety will increase over time, but we will never compromise our own values ​​as a brand.

How do you ensure to be original in a production and consumption cycle where everything is the same?

In our age, most of us prefer fast, easily accessible and functional products, and this creates fabricated products and sameness. In order to prevent this cycle, we support local producers as much as possible and design products that are shaped by demands without sacrificing quality. In niche production, the costs are much higher than the standards, but people feel much happier when they reach the products with which they can convey their demands, intervene in the production stage they want, and most importantly, delicately designed, produced with effort and high aesthetic value.

I get a lot of DMs on social media and sometimes people who don't need it write just to convey how beautiful it is, that's when I'm most happy.

Hand-drawing of our patterns is the biggest detail that distinguishes us from others.

As a local and original designer, what are the most challenging things in market conditions?

It is very difficult for design products to meet interested target audiences, we are often seen as part of the competition between mass productions; that's why your presence as NowShopFun team is very valuable, thank you very much.

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