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    1çivi string art tablo

    You will be amazed at what nails and thread do!

    String Art is a limitless art that can take any shape you desire when creating decorations. You can hang it like a painting to color or enliven your wall, personalize a pen holder, design a pendant for your ever-mixing jewellery, add 3D to your one line art portraits with nails and thread, wear them as necklaces & earrings, color wooden balcony railings, make a logo. , you can design space decor on an architectural scale. The limit of what you can do is up to your imagination and creativity.

    I have prepared various paintings in my journey that started with my desire to do it myself at home, after the joy I had at the workshop where I discovered String Art. From the table I prepared by hammering 80-90 nails on 30x30 cm wood; For a 90x120 cm painting, I switched to various paintings where I used an average of 1100 nails, combined one line art and String Art, attached flowers to her hair by screwing them, and created a real eyelash perception by gluing 14 pairs of false eyelashes to emphasize the eyelash design. It's not a transition, it's a flow. The transformation of the effort you put into the work you love while walking with it without resisting the flow of life.

    I hope all your hard work will make your dreams come true...

    Best regards,