Designer: Bodhita

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    Bodhita means spiritual enlightenment in the Pali language, which is considered a sacred language. The design elements derived from the Turkish Culture and Western Civilizations, in which the Eastern philosophy interacts with its name and inspiration, are universal. He glorifies the stories, legends and fairy tales he embodies through the collections he creates, with the mastery of local artisans. Every piece produced embraces the past with the spirit of the time.

    Bodhita describes spiritual enlightenment and rebirth with the Phoenix, a symbol of 'life'. This semantic unity, which is established with the human and supernatural phoenix, which is far from each other, makes them a part of the same world.

    It accompanies the souls, who break the stereotypes specific to geography, who know what they are and who they are, who are born again while living, who decide on their own transformation, who find the strength to meet the needs of their soul, on their journeys, always unknown, unique and new. .