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    Monsegno is a beachwear brand dedicated especially to men, offering the ultimate in refined elegance even in the most relaxed moments. To put it in a language worthy of a typical Mediterranean lifestyle, Monsegno means bringing gusto and pleasure to an elegant look at every moment of the day.

    If design means lines describing everyday life, Monsegno is a celebration of these poetic moments. Our designs reflect a true Riviera spirit. The attention to detail in production and the precision shown in the creation of molds turn into perfect Monsegno products in the hands of craftsmen. Monsegno designs are inspired by the refined elegance of the 1920s and are presented to today's gentlemen as unique, sculptural swim shorts.

    The timeless patterns, striking colors and sculptural cuts in the designs are created in luxury and sophistication, dedicated to making your most unforgettable summer memories.

    Our swim shorts are produced in special patterns and are the product of the highest level of tailoring, and the fabrics used in their linings provide unmatched comfort. The perfection of the inner seams of the shorts and the properties of high quality fabrics such as fast protection, water repellent and UV filter distinguish the shorts from their counterparts.

    Whether you are sunbathing on a beach in Spain, cruising in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, or watching the sunset in one of the Italian cities...

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