Best Price Guarantee

If you find a product you bought from Now•Shop•Fun in a different online store in Turkey at a cheaper price within 5 days, we will refund you the difference. We call this the best price guarantee or price matching. All you have to do is to have a shopping experience that will give you a comfortable contact and support you.

Rules and Conditions:

The brand, model, color, size / size of the product for which the price difference will be requested, the condition of the product (new, second hand) and stock status must be the same as the product on the other site.

If shipping cost is added to the product price, the price including shipping at the Now•Shop•Fun will be valid. For example, the same product on Site A is 100 TL, but on it is 105 TL, but when you add the same product to a single basket, Site A adds 15 TL for shipping. Since all products on have prices including shipping, the same product on site A costs 100 With TL + 15 TL shipping cost, while it is 115 TL, the price difference is invalid as it is 105 TL on

3- Price comparison is made over the label price. Applications such as short-term discounts, code discounts, buy X get Y free, discount over X amount, etc. applied by online stores are not valid.

4- In order for your difference payment request to be valid, it is sufficient to send an e-mail to within 5 days after placing your order.