NowShopFun MoneyPoints / Gift Certificate Terms of Use

What is MoneyPoint?
    It is a scoring system that you earn when you shop on and turn it into a gift check in your next order. You can use the MoneyPoints you earn only with the codes you will generate from the system on
      1. Only our customers who create an account and place an order from the account they create earn MoneyPoints, MoneyPoints are not earned for orders placed "without being a member".
      2. In every order, 10% MoneyPoints are instantly loaded into your account. You can use your MoneyPoints in your next order without a lower limit.
      3. 1 MoneyPoint is worth 1 TL.
      4. ParaPuan codes cannot be added to orders placed without using MoneyPoints, even if they exist.
      5. The MoneyPoints you earn in your refund and cancellation requests will be deducted from your payment and the remaining amount will be returned to you.
      6. If you do not create an order by logging into your account while placing an order, or creating an order if you do not have an account, MoneyPoints cannot be earned.
      7. You can use your MoneyPoints to be valid in your next order.
      8. MoneyPoints not used within 1 month are deleted.
      9. In
      10. order cancellation and return cases, your MoneyPoints used in that order are deleted and is not added again.
      11. When you register, you will earn 10 MoneyPoints worth 10 TL valid on your order.
      12. When you sign up, you agree that your e-mail will only be used to inform you about innovations, campaigns and discounts for
      13. MoneyPoints gains on orders whose payment is not completed are cancelled.
      14. Customers who request more than one refund will be excluded from the ParaPuan program.
      15. PayPoints cannot be claimed retrospectively.
      16. MoneyPoints are only earned by registered and verified customers.
      17. ParaPuan earnings include orders on 29 June 2022 at 15.00 and later.
      18. When using ParaPuan codes, they cannot be combined with different discount codes.
      19. Now Shop Fun Elektronik Tic. LTD. STI. and/or officials have the unconditional right to change, remove, cancel, and change the conditions without notice.
      20. Cash Points and Gift Certificates cannot be claimed in cash.
      21. All our customers who place an order are deemed to have accepted these terms.