Milnoi Kase Amorf - Dekoratif Mermer Kase - Traverten
Milnoi Kase Amorf - Dekoratif Mermer Kase - Traverten
Milnoi Kase Amorf - Dekoratif Mermer Kase - Traverten
Milnoi Kase Amorf - Dekoratif Mermer Kase - Traverten
Milnoi Kase Amorf - Dekoratif Mermer Kase - Traverten
Milnoi Kase Amorf - Dekoratif Mermer Kase - Traverten

Amorf - Decorative Marble Bowl - Travertine

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Pattern: Amorphous

Kind: Decorative Object

Color: Cream

Material: Travertine Marble

Weight: ~2100 g.

Dimensions: 20x20x10 cm.

Cargo Delivery Time: 1-2 Business Days

The product you are browsing is handcrafted from natural marble by our skilled craftsmen. For this reason, there may be slight differences in product dimensions and shapes.

Marble is formed over thousands of years open to the effects of nature and carries traces of every moment of its formation. This gives each piece of marble its unique characteristics and makes it forever unique. Therefore, the product you ordered may have different tones, patterns, textures and shapes than those in the photo. Small cracks and holes that you can see on your product are also due to the natural structure of the stone.

If you have not used marble products before or if you have had bad experiences while using it, there are a few more paragraphs you should read.

Here are the main use and maintenance recommendations:

Marble; It is a living, permeable and sensitive material. Contacting your product with acidic substances such as lemon and vinegar may cause deformation and discoloration of your product. This is due to the natural structure of the stone. Leaving it in humid environments or contacting other substances at high temperatures will shorten the life of your product. Strong colorants such as blackberry, coffee, beetroot and other dyes can also leave permanent marks on the product. If this is not what you want, you can protect your product by using paper or cling film. That's how we did it in some photos :)

You should only clean the product by hand. A small amount of soft, pH-neutral soap will suffice. You should definitely not use detergents and other chemical cleaning materials. Scrubbing with a hard sponge or other abrasive materials during cleaning may deform the surface of your product. We recommend using a soft sponge or cloth. You should take care to dry it quickly after cleaning. As we said, marble is a permeable material and absorbs the substance on it. Product; It is not suitable for entering the oven, microwave and refrigerator. You can cut and chop the product; however, you should know that permanent scratches will remain on the surface of the product.

Finally, some marbles are more fragile than others. For this reason, we may have applied mesh and/or epoxy to the product you purchased for reinforcement purposes. If you see mesh or transparent filling in the product you bought, you can understand that we have strengthened it for you.

If you drop the product, it may break. You already know this.

We will be happy to answer your questions about the product. was founded on 17 November 2020 by Candaş Çetinkaya. After 7 months of intense teamwork, it opened for online shopping on May 31, 2021.

Due to the negative situations we experience such as insecurity, return problems, and products not coming as they seem, we hope that all these problems will not exist. We wanted to create a boutique brand where approximately 300 designers work with us.

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First of all, we analyzed our basic shopping habits and our concerns while shopping online. What kind of question marks did we have when shopping online? It has become very difficult to shop from well-known sites, we were getting lost among hundreds of thousands or even millions of products, and it was difficult to decide even among dozens of brands selling the same product. We could not reach customer service for days, and we had to constantly tell our problems to a new person.

We could find much nicer products and discover great brands on boutique sites, but this time, the problem of trust arose. "Is my money safe?", "Is the product as described?", "If it doesn't fit me or if I don't like it, can I return it easily?", "Can I find a contact person before and after my order?" We were having many problems as well.

For these reasons, by adopting the zero complaints policy:

You can easily return the products you do not like as stated in the Law on Consumer Protection No. 6502.

You will be able to easily find a contact person before and after your order. You can easily reach us for all your questions from our online live help line.

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First of all, thank you very much for your approach. You answered all my questions and helped. I bought it as a gift, it was delivered on time and my friend liked it very much.

Selen O.
İstanbul, TR

Hello, Thank you for your interest and kindness. I am very satisfied. As I said, I also recommend adding a favorites feature.

Love Yildirim K.
İstanbul, TR

I had question marks while buying, I couldn't foresee its texture because I bought it without seeing it. I trusted your money back guarantee and was very pleased. It looked more stylish than I expected.

Asli T.
Trabzon, TR

I had not heard of your site before. However, I really liked the ease of use and design. The idea of quick help was very successful, I was able to get quick answers to my questions. It was a hassle free purchase. It is very nice of you to call and ask about my satisfaction afterwards. I wish you good work.

Ersel Kemal D.
İzmir, TR

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