Aika Clutch Derin Deniz Yeşili Kanvas Clutch
Aika Clutch Derin Deniz Yeşili Kanvas Clutch
Aika Clutch Derin Deniz Yeşili Kanvas Clutch
Aika Clutch Derin Deniz Yeşili Kanvas Clutch
Aika Clutch Derin Deniz Yeşili Kanvas Clutch
Aika Clutch Derin Deniz Yeşili Kanvas Clutch
Aika Clutch Derin Deniz Yeşili Kanvas Clutch

Deep Sea Green Canvas Clutch

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AIKA Canvas Clutch: A great accessory for those who love minimalism.

There is nothing as elegant, useful and minimal as Clutch. The AIKA Canvas Clutch is much more than a small handbag. If you're looking for a unique bag that fits almost any style, the AIKA Canvas Clutch is for you.

The AIKA Canvas Clutch is handcrafted from high quality canvas. Leather details are used to extend the life of the bag in places where the hand touches frequently. Despite its slim silhouette, the AIKA Canvas Clutch features flared edges designed to hold all your essentials like cosmetics, wallets and keys. When desired, the rectangular shape of the AIKA Canvas Clutch allows you to easily carry phones or a wallet inside. AIKA Canvas Clutch will be your best friend while accompanying you in the most functional way in the busy pace of the city and relaxing in the sun during summer weekend getaways.

It has a zippered mouth and a leather zipper end that can be used as a wrist strap to keep your belongings safe.

Made with love by master craftsmen from Turkey.


High-quality, soft-touch, 100% cotton canvas for durability
leather wrist strap,
zipper detail,
Product Dimension: 23.8x17x6 cm.


Never wash the product.
Never use hot water to clean the product.
Never use detergents, solvents or chemical products on the product.

Cleaning Suggestions:

Scrub over the stain with a soft, dry, clean toothbrush.
Use a mild soap mixed with water as a cleaning solution.
Using your brush, mix the cold water and soap together until bubbles begin to form.
Dip your brush in the soapy water mixture and scrub the soiled areas of the canvas, moving the brush over the stain in a circular motion to loosen the dirt well and remove the stains.
Continue dipping the brush in the soapy water mixture as you clean the stained areas of the canvas.
Finally, rinse the stain. You can rinse the point of the canvas that you want to clean by keeping it under a very small stream of water.

A small stream of water allows you to gently rinse the soapy solution without spilling water on the rest of the bag. Dry with a paper towel or cloth so that the remaining water on the product is completely absorbed. Then let the canvas fabric dry naturally.

Important Note: Drying with a dryer can damage attachments such as leather straps, zippers, and other adhesives. You should keep the leather or metal parts of your bag dry. If water gets on non-canvas parts, you should wipe them dry as soon as possible to avoid any damage. was founded on 17 November 2020 by Candaş Çetinkaya. After 7 months of intense teamwork, it opened for online shopping on May 31, 2021.

Due to the negative situations we experience such as insecurity, return problems, and products not coming as they seem, we hope that all these problems will not exist. We wanted to create a boutique brand where approximately 300 designers work with us.

Application or invitation method only exclusive designers are accepted, and you won't get lost in hundreds of thousands of products for an online shopping experience for you and our loved ones.


First of all, we analyzed our basic shopping habits and our concerns while shopping online. What kind of question marks did we have when shopping online? It has become very difficult to shop from well-known sites, we were getting lost among hundreds of thousands or even millions of products, and it was difficult to decide even among dozens of brands selling the same product. We could not reach customer service for days, and we had to constantly tell our problems to a new person.

We could find much nicer products and discover great brands on boutique sites, but this time, the problem of trust arose. "Is my money safe?", "Is the product as described?", "If it doesn't fit me or if I don't like it, can I return it easily?", "Can I find a contact person before and after my order?" We were having many problems as well.

For these reasons, by adopting the zero complaints policy:

You can easily return the products you do not like as stated in the Law on Consumer Protection No. 6502.

You will be able to easily find a contact person before and after your order. You can easily reach us for all your questions from our online live help line.

Your payments are made with the assurance of PayTR and there are up to 12 installments, 2 and 3 installments for the cash price.
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First of all, thank you very much for your approach. You answered all my questions and helped. I bought it as a gift, it was delivered on time and my friend liked it very much.

Selen O.
İstanbul, TR

Hello, Thank you for your interest and kindness. I am very satisfied. As I said, I also recommend adding a favorites feature.

Love Yildirim K.
İstanbul, TR

I had question marks while buying, I couldn't foresee its texture because I bought it without seeing it. I trusted your money back guarantee and was very pleased. It looked more stylish than I expected.

Asli T.
Trabzon, TR

I had not heard of your site before. However, I really liked the ease of use and design. The idea of quick help was very successful, I was able to get quick answers to my questions. It was a hassle free purchase. It is very nice of you to call and ask about my satisfaction afterwards. I wish you good work.

Ersel Kemal D.
İzmir, TR

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