Mühle Tıraş Makinesi Mühle Rocca Tıraş Makinası - R 96 Jet
Mühle Tıraş Makinesi Mühle Rocca Tıraş Makinası - R 96 Jet
Mühle Tıraş Makinesi Mühle Rocca Tıraş Makinası - R 96 Jet

Mühle Rocca Shaver - R 96 Jet

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Razor shaver with closed comb, stainless steel black color DLC coating

This package includes a Rocca razor and 1 Mühle leaf razor. ROCCA- razor shaver with closed comb, stainless steel, handle DLC coated black.

Razor shaver made of stainless steel
handle stainless steel
It is matte black in color. The color was obtained by DLC coating technique.
Size: 41mm x 105mm
Weight: 80g
ROCCA is between our closed comb (R 89) machines that provide a medium soft shave and our aggressive open comb (R41) machines that provide a razor close shave. Our users, who are looking for tools that are a little softer than open comb tools, but not as soft as closed combs, will enjoy a perfect shave with this machine. Suitable for daily shaving. We recommend you our Mühle leaf blades, which work in perfect harmony with our razor blades.

DLC Overlay

The outer surface of the shaver, made entirely of stainless steel, is matte black with DLC coating.

DLC coating technique is frequently applied in the automotive and racing industry.

The coating technique includes layers of diamond-like carbon and this structure is several times stronger than stainless steel and extremely durable.

It is proof that beauty can truly be timeless.


Our newest member, the ROCCA series: Quite beautiful and especially masculine… It has slightly more modern and more distinctive lines than Mühle's known products. Made from the thinnest and most durable stainless steel. But the effort is worth it: the products are particularly robust and durable. The satin or very thin matte finish makes you feel good not only when you touch it, but also when you watch it with its elegant and pleasant appearance.

The shave given by the Rocca series razor shavers is unique to itself. In terms of aggression, it is located between the known closed card machines and open card machines. It is more aggressive than closed comb machines, softer than open comb machines but also suitable for daily shaving. The shave it gives is unique to itself. The Rocca shaver head is also compatible with other three-piece handles.

With all these details, the legacy you will leave with ROCCA is pretty obvious. The design of these products was achieved through the further development of classic Mühle models. The name ROCCA (Fortress in Italian) means the best materials and at the same time a MÜHLE product will stay with you for life.

The serrated surface structure of the black handle is a modern interpretation of the classic razor handle. The honeycomb structure not only provides a contrasting accent to the satin-coated stainless steel, but is also very tactile and provides excellent grip.


Prepare your skin for shaving: Always shave during or after a hot shower for a perfect traditional wet shave. Apply foam to your skin to soften your skin and prepare the beard for shaving. The application of shaving foam with a shaving brush helps to remove the dead layer on the skin, while it raises the hairs and prepares them for a comfortable shave. Also, if possible, leaving the foam on your skin for at least 1-2 minutes will soften the beards and allow you to shave more easily.
First grip: The razor shaver should be held at 30° to the skin. To find the right angle, first hold the machine parallel to your skin. Then slowly lift the shaver up, stop as soon as you feel the razor touch your skin, this is the 30° angle you need to hold. After about 5 shaves, you can be sure that you will catch the right angle by yourself and gain practice.
First act: The most important rule to know when using a razor shaver is not to press down. Let the shaver do its job under its own weight. Take the first curtain in the direction of the beard growth. Do not go through the places where you feel that the machine is not cutting your beard. The razor shaver cuts the beards by reducing, it does not give a close shave in one act. Save these zones for the second act. One of the simplest causes of irritation is the pressing and repeated rubbing of the razor blade over the skin. Don't let this happen!
Second curtain: After applying the foam to your skin again, clean the remaining beard in the direction of the beard growth in the second curtain. If you want a closer shave, you can shave at right angles to the direction of the beard growth (from nose to ear or ear to nose).
Rinse – moisturize: After shaving, rinse your skin with cold water, apply an aftershave balm or lotion to moisturize, nourish and refresh.
Mühle razor shavers are compatible with double-sided blades of all brands. We recommend you our leaf blades, which work in perfect harmony with our classic shavers.

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