Arbe Design Studio Duvar Dekoru Scandinavian |  3D Wood Wall Art Handmade   | Ahşap Duvar Sanatı  Aksesuarı
Arbe Design Studio Duvar Dekoru Scandinavian |  3D Wood Wall Art Handmade   | Ahşap Duvar Sanatı  Aksesuarı
Arbe Design Studio Duvar Dekoru Scandinavian |  3D Wood Wall Art Handmade   | Ahşap Duvar Sanatı  Aksesuarı
Arbe Design Studio Duvar Dekoru Scandinavian |  3D Wood Wall Art Handmade   | Ahşap Duvar Sanatı  Aksesuarı
Arbe Design Studio Duvar Dekoru Scandinavian |  3D Wood Wall Art Handmade   | Ahşap Duvar Sanatı  Aksesuarı
Arbe Design Studio Duvar Dekoru Scandinavian |  3D Wood Wall Art Handmade   | Ahşap Duvar Sanatı  Aksesuarı
Arbe Design Studio Duvar Dekoru Scandinavian |  3D Wood Wall Art Handmade   | Ahşap Duvar Sanatı  Aksesuarı

Scandinavian | 3D Wood Wall Art Handmade | Wooden Wall Art Accessory

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Arbe Design Studio was established in 2020 with its professional workshop. Their passion for nature, which is one of the reasons for their establishment since the day they have been in operation, continues along with their vision and mission. The designs of the products, the production processes v Design Studio is a design meeting that reflects the perspectives of mythological values ​​while designing its products and allows you to see the tree's meeting with today's understanding of art in its concrete form.

Why Tree?

The belief in trees is a cult that stems from the belief that trees have a spirit that should be respected, and that the respect shown to trees affects fertility in the animism of many nature beliefs. Socially, it is the miracle of nature, where the effect of the tree is found throughout the universe. As we see in many works with traditional Turkish motifs, it was a survival part of primitive people in the early ages, and sometimes it became a partner in a spiritual meditation on the mythological tree of life. We think that the tree determines the lines of the future with the traces of the past. One of the things that modern life in the world makes people forget is that we are a part of nature. The life that we thought ended with the cutting of the tree, actually continues to live. Knowing this, we started our way with the pieces of wood in our hands.

When we plan to make the same product in all works, the tree, which we can't even include, has auras that are mentioned. The unique look of each piece, the more unique, comes to life with the uniqueness of the tree in every product.

ARBE DESIGN STUDIO presents the designs of the tree turned into art to your liking. The designs of the products and the entire production process are made of 100% wood types. Our wooden wall art decor will bring a perfect peace and naturalness to your office, home, rooms

Product information:

We have something to tell with our Scandinavian painting, one of our Handmade 3D Wood Wall Art series;

-We cut and sand the pieces that we have created in the form of mosaics from the Pine trees that we have carefully selected.

-In line with the design, 5 sides are painted by hand with 7 COLOR pigments.

-After painting, we apply water-based varnish to protect every piece and keep the design alive for a long time.

-We use completely water-based natural products in the painting and varnishing process. There is no harm to health and our environment.

-We provide the same design in all sizes by making changes in our square dimensions so that the designs of the products in the visual are not deteriorated. Thus, you can buy our product with the same image in other sizes.

-There are parts in the product for you to hang it horizontally and vertically for you to decide.

-The Care and Usage Instructions of the product will be sent together with your work.


As a wood design workshop, we are aware of our responsibility towards nature.

We use the most ecological raw material available. In addition, we plant 3 trees for each of our products, to contribute to the protection of green and for a sustainable world. We grow back every tree we borrow with soil.

We are working with Tema Foundation on this issue.

Product Size:

-The dimensions of the product you see in this photo are 70-170cm with the frame.

-The height of the product is 7-8 centimeters


-There are parts on the back of the product that you can easily assemble as a vertical or bed.

-You can use these parts without the need for external materials.

-It will be enough to put your painting after you screw the bracket we put on the wall to hang the product on your wall.

-It is recommended to apply on the wall due to the weight of the product.

-In order to deliver our products to you in the best way in terms of packaging, we cover them with protective styrofoam on both sides after we cover them with a mattress.

-After placing the crate we made into the box, the box is prepared for shipping by screwing the box. was founded on 17 November 2020 by Candaş Çetinkaya. After 7 months of intense teamwork, it opened for online shopping on May 31, 2021.

Due to the negative situations we experience such as insecurity, return problems, and products not coming as they seem, we hope that all these problems will not exist. We wanted to create a boutique brand where approximately 300 designers work with us.

Application or invitation method only exclusive designers are accepted, and you won't get lost in hundreds of thousands of products for an online shopping experience for you and our loved ones.


First of all, we analyzed our basic shopping habits and our concerns while shopping online. What kind of question marks did we have when shopping online? It has become very difficult to shop from well-known sites, we were getting lost among hundreds of thousands or even millions of products, and it was difficult to decide even among dozens of brands selling the same product. We could not reach customer service for days, and we had to constantly tell our problems to a new person.

We could find much nicer products and discover great brands on boutique sites, but this time, the problem of trust arose. "Is my money safe?", "Is the product as described?", "If it doesn't fit me or if I don't like it, can I return it easily?", "Can I find a contact person before and after my order?" We were having many problems as well.

For these reasons, by adopting the zero complaints policy:

You can easily return the products you do not like as stated in the Law on Consumer Protection No. 6502.

You will be able to easily find a contact person before and after your order. You can easily reach us for all your questions from our online live help line.

Your payments are made with the assurance of PayTR and there are up to 12 installments, 2 and 3 installments for the cash price.
As a result, you will not have the problem of not being able to find a contact person before and after your purchases on You don't have to chase after sellers for products that are defective or you don't like. All your information is processed securely, you can purchase with a credit card or bank transfer. We will be with you throughout the whole process.

Shopping is nice, but remember "Save Money, Live Better"

Don't forget to live in the moment, have fun and explore the world of design products.

your friends at


First of all, thank you very much for your approach. You answered all my questions and helped. I bought it as a gift, it was delivered on time and my friend liked it very much.

Selen O.
İstanbul, TR

Hello, Thank you for your interest and kindness. I am very satisfied. As I said, I also recommend adding a favorites feature.

Love Yildirim K.
İstanbul, TR

I had question marks while buying, I couldn't foresee its texture because I bought it without seeing it. I trusted your money back guarantee and was very pleased. It looked more stylish than I expected.

Asli T.
Trabzon, TR

I had not heard of your site before. However, I really liked the ease of use and design. The idea of quick help was very successful, I was able to get quick answers to my questions. It was a hassle free purchase. It is very nice of you to call and ask about my satisfaction afterwards. I wish you good work.

Ersel Kemal D.
İzmir, TR

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