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What to Get a New Business Gift?

, by Çağrı Mustafa Alkan, 13 min reading time

We spend most of our day at work, not at home. (Of course, if there are no epidemics such as COVID-19) For this reason, our comfort at work is important for our health. Instead of buying any gift to the person you are going to gift, you can also get an office gift or, in other words, a new business gift .

Parents want their children to work in a " desk " job when they grow up. Office work is always in demand due to comfort, order, certain hours and no heavy workload.

We spend most of our day at work, not at home. (Of course, if there are no epidemics such as Covid-19) For this reason, our comfort in our workplace is very important for our health. Instead of buying any gift to the person you are going to gift, you can also get an office gift or, in other words, a new business gift . With this gift you will receive, he will always remember you while working at the workplace. Therefore, we have prepared a guide for you when you are wondering what to buy for a new job gift.

The Best Office Gifts

In this article, we have compiled the best office gifts for new hires or promotions. You can find everything from small note papers that will stand on the table to materials that they can hang on their walls to make their work easier. My time is very limited and I want to choose a gift right away, but if you want it to be nice and it will work, have a look here: New Business Gift Suggestions

Dual Pen Set

gift pen You can gift your loved ones a stylish pen set with their names on it. This beautiful gift that appeals to all ages is also quite stylish. Not just as a new business gift; This set, which you can gift on your friend's birthday or father's day, will become a very special gift when it has their names on it. Today, the names written with laser processing technique are not easily worn. Although black and gray tones are generally preferred, products made of wood or bamboo are more appealing to the eye.

Waist Pillow

lumbar support pillows

We spend so much time sitting in offices that we put our health in the background during this time. Sitting for a long time can cause spinal cord disorders. One of the simplest ways to prevent this is to use a lumbar pillow. You will give as an office gift; A waist pillow that supports the waist will show that you care about his health.

New Business Gift Suggestions for Those Who Consider Their Health

We know something that will soon leave the enthusiasm of those who start a new job in their mouths: Spine, wrist and leg problems… Problems such as being inactive for a long time, unbalanced diet, not exercising, choosing the wrong chair, using the computer for a long time and not supporting the wrist are the causes of many other joint problems. causes it to happen. However, it is possible to get rid of these problems with simple moves!

1- First of all, exercising and eating a balanced diet is the first step of this work; remember.

2- Use a work chair/chair with neck-head support to protect your neck health.

3- Use a work chair/chair with lumbar support to protect your back health.

4- Use wrist supported mousepad to protect your wrist health.

5- If you do not have these opportunities, you can produce solutions yourself with various alternatives.

Offering seat cushions, lumbar support pillows and mousepads with wrist support, Now Shop Fun also adds unique discounts. Thus, you can think about your budget while saying goodbye to your pain. Check here to quickly review the numerous options:

Now Shop Fun New Business Gifts


notepad gift

Notebooks are the organized version of our plans. Along with making our lives easier, it is also a tool so that we don't forget what we're going to do. It's easy to get lost among thousands of different notepads with different colors, various patterns, sizes.

paper clips

colored paper clips

Documents/documents increase in direct proportion to the workload in offices. Stapling these documents is also an option, of course, but paperclips are still in demand as they can damage the document. Maybe, instead of buying a classic paper clip, specially designed paper clips that you choose from the internet or stationery can make the person who receives the gift feel special.

Photo frame

photo frame gift

Doesn't it increase your motivation to see the people you love when you turn your eyes to the corner of the desk in a busy work environment? For example, you can give your lover a photo frame with your photo as a new job gift .

Shaped/Printed Mug

new business gift mug

When you go to the office to buy coffee, having your loved one's own special mug will make him remember you. You can print mugs with his name on it, your photo with him, or the characters of his favorite movie. You can even make him happy with specially designed mugs.

Wrist Support MousePad

Since we often talk about design-oriented office gifts in this article, we wouldn't want to gift a classic mousepad, would we? You can print any picture and photo you want on the mousepad and use it as a new business gift. Moreover, it can help the person who will receive the gift to prevent wrist pain even during intense computer use; you can get a good place in his mind.

wrist supported mousepad business gift

View Wrist Supported MousePad Models.

The wall clock

office gift wall clock

The concept of time is very important for office workers. You can get a custom designed wall clock for the person you love. Thus, every time he looks at the clock, he can find out how many minutes are left for his break. Of course, a stylish desk clock instead of a wall clock can be a suitable gift option for a planned time.

Check out designer office watches.

Office Set

office set new business gift

Office sets are very important for desk workers. So, what's in this office set? In general, you can buy office sets that contain a keychain, USB memory stick and a stylish pen separately and turn them into a set. You can choose these gifts according to the gender and taste of the person you love. For example, if it is a man, you can create a set such as a wallet, key chain, pen, USB.

Check out the Stunning Office Gifts.

Desktop Lamp

table lamp promotion gift

Insufficient lighting of some working environments may cause eye discomfort. As such situations will reduce motivation, you can gift a stylish table lamp. Table lamps , where you can find thousands of different shapes and models, will be very useful when reviewing documents and taking notes on your agenda.


agenda office gift

Perhaps one of the most likely and first gifts for an office worker is an agenda. Today, agendas are produced from many different materials, from leather to bamboo. You can gift a diary in different models and colors according to the taste of your loved one. The time zones on the agenda pages also make it very easy for the user to plan.


calendar office gift

What day of the month was it today? What day is the 25th? How many was August? How many days are on my salary? We often pick up the phone to get answers to these questions. There is actually a very easy and traditional way to find out the answer: the calendar. The desktop calendar you will buy for your loved one will be very useful in business life planning. You can even print nature pictures, quotes from your favorite book, poems from poets and even your own photos on this calendar. They will be delighted to find that there is a space for them to take notes next to the days or even months.

Pencil case

pen holder office gift

Having a tidy table top has a positive effect on your work enthusiasm. Working in an environment where there are ballpoint pens, erasers and scissors around is challenging. You can buy a pen holder as an office gift to keep these small items organized.


flower as new job gift

In modern offices, there is not much room for plants, except for a few potted trees. Even the cactus you will gift in a small pot will increase the interest of your loved one towards his work. If she is just starting out, you can gift her a small pot of flowers instead of a bunch of daisies.

File Editor

file editor
Even though computers can accumulate trillions of files in their memory, for some people, they still can't replace documents and pens. We are asked to print out even a text we wrote from the computer and keep it among the files. This output density can lead to paperwork. Especially if you are working in a business such as accounting, printing and banking… Here is a gift like a 3-storey shelf for your loved one to get rid of this crowd of documents. In addition, these file organizers, which are produced in many different models and shapes, are also offered for sale in various colors.

Thermos or Mug

new job gift thermos

It is not always possible to take a break at work. The hot drink you take gets cold immediately when you dive into work. In addition, the drinks in the workplace may not be hygienic. You can gift a thermos mug so that your loved one can bring coffee from home with a thermos or so that their drink does not get cold quickly.

Foot Riser

foot lifter gift

Produced from various materials such as metal, wood, laminate, foot lifts regulate blood flow, but the load on the calf causes skeletal system disorders. After gifting your loved one with a foot lifter, he or she will come and tell you how relieved he is the next day.

Office chair

office chair gift

Spinal system disorders such as humpback, lumbar hernia, nerve compression, and neck hernia are common in people who work sitting down. Factors such as the support of the chair used to support the waist, the height from the ground, and the leaning angle are very important in terms of health. The office chair, which is a little more costly than the other gifts we have listed, will show that you care about the health of your loved one. If you want to make you feel more comfortable, do not forget to buy a seat cushion .

Office desk

office desk gift

This gift is a product you can buy if you know the working environment of the person you will receive the gift. For example, if your friend complains about the smallness of the desk at work during the chat, you can buy him a stylish office desk. Remember, although the height of the tables is known as a standard, a low table can lead to shoulder diseases.

Bookshelf or Shelf

bookshelf gift For office workers, the top of the table can sometimes be so crowded that arranging that table becomes a daily torture. Maybe after you visit him and take a look at his workspace, you can gift that office a suitable bookshelf. Under-desk shelves are also a good alternative to store some files and tools. In fact, if you gift a nightstand with a locking top drawer, it will be able to safely store its own personal belongings.


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