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Benefits of a Good Massage 💆🏼‍♀️

, by Çağrı Mustafa Alkan, 11 min reading time

A quality massage can open a whole new window in your life and help you gain vitality. Find out now the benefits and types of a good massage.

Massage is an approach that has been healing both the body and mind of humanity for centuries. Massage is a common tradition all over the world, especially in ancient Roman, Greek, Far Eastern and Indian cultures. Massage, which is based on the manipulation of soft tissues in the body, can make a person feel like reborn. The massage process performed by expert masseurs ensures that the body is purified from stress and networks. The word massage has entered our language from Arabic and Greek. The Arabic meaning (mass) is '' touching '' and the Greek meaning of massage (massein) can be expressed as '' kneading ''. During the massage; subcutaneous tissue, skin, internal organs and muscles, circulation, metabolism, lymph systems are stimulated both nervously and mechanically. It is aimed to relax the body by means of massage, which is usually done by rubbing the skin or applying a blow. Massage can be done by hand as well as with various devices or water.

Benefits of Massage

It is known that professionally performed massage is good for various psychological and physical ailments. Massage, which is extremely effective in protecting body and mental health, is effective in preventing or alleviating the emergence of many ailments, especially bone and muscle disorders. If you notice that all your tiredness is gone and you feel refreshed when you massage your body for only half an hour. So is that all? Of course not! Having a massage regularly strengthens your immune system, speeds up your metabolism and keeps you psychologically positive. Massage, which is a complete enemy of depression, is also a natural source of healing thanks to its pain-relieving feature.

Physical Benefits of Massage

People who make massage a part of their life will realize that they have positive effects on their bodies over time.

In the treatment processes of diseases such as rheumatism, paralysis and cancer, massage can be applied as a supportive treatment in line with the doctor's recommendation. In this way, the patient's pain can be reduced.

Massage, which prevents deformation in the body, provides relaxation of the muscles.

When sagging occurs in the fat cells of people who are in the process of losing weight, re-tightening can be achieved with massage.

Massage is effective in relieving many pains, especially menstruation and headaches.

Massage, which helps the body get rid of toxins, makes the skin more flexible. Even Far Eastern women massage for minutes to make their faces look more beautiful. Massage, which eliminates wrinkles on the skin, is also effective in lightening the scars.

With massage, the amount of collagen in the skin is stimulated and the skin is naturally renewed.

One of the most common benefits of massage is that it accelerates blood circulation.

It is also good for sleep disorders, indigestion and constipation.

Massage, which is effective in the recovery of muscle cramps, increases the release of some hormones in the body. This provides regulatory effects in the body. The strain of the muscles due to long-term use causes physical fatigue. Since the release of biochemicals such as lactic acid increases during the massage, the fatigue in the body is relieved.

Thanks to the continuous massage, posture disorders are reduced and the spine health of the person is positively affected. Massage, which has serious effects on the skeletal and muscular system, is also good for back pain.

Cytokines are molecules that cause edema and inflammation in the body. These molecules are at lower levels in people who have regular massage.

Special and regional massage techniques can also eliminate cellulite problems. With dynamic and rhythmic massage techniques, thinning can be achieved and a more fit appearance can be achieved.

Spiritual Benefits of Massage

Massage is actually a natural psychotherapy. Massage, which provides relaxation of the mind and prevents the emergence of negative thoughts, has a reducing effect on the stress hormone when applied regularly. When the bodies of patients struggling with depression are regularly massaged, anxiety levels decrease and sleep patterns improve.

Massage Types

Although massage is a miracle that relaxes the body, it is applied with different techniques all over the world. You can get rid of all your tiredness and stress by choosing the technique your body needs among different types of massage.

Classic Massage

Another name for classical massage is Swedish massage. As the name suggests, Swedish massage is applied with classical, basic techniques. In the classical massage performed with circular movements and hard strokes, rubbing is also performed. It can be applied to certain parts of the body or to the whole body. Swedish massage, which relieves you of your daily fatigue, makes you feel relaxed.

Neck-Head and Shoulder Massage

This massage technique, which is very common especially in India; Provides relief from pain in areas such as neck, back and shoulders. Sometimes a reverse movement you make can cause your neck to be stiff. Or, as a result of fast-paced, tiring work, your back and shoulders may ache. Here you can get rid of your pain with head, neck and shoulder massage.

Thai Massage

One of the first things that comes to mind when the Far East is mentioned is Thai massage. With the Thai massage, which is quite famous in Thailand, your body can be healed in skillful hands. The most important feature of Thai massage is that it takes a long time. Thai massage, which lasts at least 1 and a half hours, is performed on a hard surface. There is no doubt that you will feel much better after the Thai massage applied to your body with pulling, stretching and pressing movements, which can last up to 4 hours.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage is performed with various herbal extracts and aromatic oils . Aromatherapy massage, which is a light and relaxing massage type, is easily absorbed by the body. You can have an aromatherapy massage, which usually lasts for 1 hour, as a getaway during the day and you can feel lighter.

Hot Stone Massage

This massage, which is applied with healing volcanic stones, cleanses your body of negative energies. Hot stone massage applied with fragrant oils is at the forefront with its therapeutic effects. This type of massage, which is at the forefront with its pain-relieving effects, is performed by heating the stones up to 45-55 degrees.

Shiatsu Massage

When it comes to shiatsu massage, the first country that comes to mind is Japan. Considering the purpose of applying this type of massage, it is possible to say that it is generally for therapeutic purposes. With the pressure applied a little hard by the masseur to certain points of the body, the patient gets rid of his pain and complaints.


This type of massage, which is applied only to the feet, is done for balance purposes. Reflexology, which ensures that the body is physically and spiritually balanced, is a type of treatment that is a source of healing in the Far East countries. Some special points on the feet are directly related to different parts of the body. With reflexology, which has an important place in alternative medicine in the Far East, you can notice a general improvement in your entire body.

Sports Massage

This type of massage applied before or after sports activities is preferred to prevent injuries. Thanks to the sports massage, the body gets ready for some athletic movements and warms up.

Massage Products

While choosing a massage that will be beneficial for the solution of the problems and will be good for the person, the best type of massage for the problem and a good practitioner are selected first. Another factor that is as important as these is the right choice of massage products. Below you can find a short list of the most commonly used massage products. ⬇️

Massage Oils

Massage oils will reduce friction when applied to the skin. Massage oils , which allow the hands to glide better on the skin, also add softness to the skin. Thus, the softened leather can be shaped easily by hand. For a perfect massage experience, you can choose varieties such as almond oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, or you can quickly make your choice among the suggestions below.

massage oil




Massage Stones

Apart from body massage, you may want to apply a facial massage to pamper yourself at home. Jade stone, which is indispensable for women who are fond of beauty, delays aging and makes the skin look fuller and tighter when applied regularly. A natural quartz massage stone can also be your skin's best friend. If you use quartz stone regularly, you may notice that the edema in your skin decreases and it looks more taut. These massage stones, which accelerate blood circulation, can be used in every part of the body. You can take a look at some other massage stone examples below. ⬇️

massage stones




Aromatherapy Oils and Sets

Aromatherapy is a holistic form of therapy that is preferred to make you feel better both mentally and physically. The benefits of aromatherapy oils, which have dynamic effects on the mind and body, are innumerable. Aromatherapy oils , known for rejuvenating the skin, reducing fatigue and swelling, preventing acne, tightening the pores are very beneficial for a healthy-looking skin. You can either make your whole body get its share of these valuable oils, or you can only use it on your face or hair. The most preferred aromatherapy oil types are; lavender, sandalwood, immortelle, eucalyptus, rosemary, bergamot.

aromatherapy and care sets




Cute Massage Tools

In addition to all these serious massage products, sometimes we may need a head massage for a few minutes. Especially when we need to exercise our minds a lot, we can gain vitality with 5-minute head massages. Based on this need, if you want to take it out of your bag and freshen your head, you can examine the following head massage tools.

head massager



Massage Creams

Massage creams not only make the massage easier and more comfortable, but also have pain-reducing effects thanks to their ingredients. Creams that protect the moisture balance of the massaged area provide a slippery and soft experience on the skin. Massage creams, which have a formula enriched with different plant extracts, can be a perfect healing and touch for your skin. It is possible to better benefit from the positive effects of massage with these creams that both care for your skin and relax your body.


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