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Yoga Products and Accessories to Make You Feel Better

, by Çağrı Mustafa Alkan, 6 min reading time

Yoga can be your biggest helper in your journey of self-discovery. Purposeful yoga accessories and yoga clothes are the first step of this path. Read the article to review.

A stress-free mind, a relaxed body... Yoga is a philosophy that has thousands of years of history and improves both physical and mental well-being. Yoga, which is applied based on two basic principles as correct postures and breathing, significantly increases the quality of life. Yoga, an ancient Indian tradition; It is an art of living that succeeds in increasing the flexibility of the body and making the person feel better internally.


Yoga, which includes many different disciplines and techniques, is preferred by many people in order to stay healthy and positive. The calmness of the yoga environment, the preferred accessories and products; It is important to get more efficiency while focusing.

Why is Choosing the Right Yoga Mat Important for Yoga?

The most important point for people who practice yoga is posture and balance. The ground must be flat in order to maintain good balance. Using a mat during yoga, which is a body-brain exercise, would be an extremely correct approach. Yoga mats are designed to adapt to any position. There are usually reliefs on the yoga mat, which prevents slipping or loss of balance during posture. A rubber yoga mat with a good grip on the floor will help you keep your balance. For this, it is recommended to choose a non-slip yoga mat.

The Best Yoga Mats

NUI YOGA Ma'at Design Non-Slip 5 mm Purple Yoga & Pilates Mat

SEEKA YOGA Seeka Yoga Mushroom Series Yoga Mat - Mandala

NUI YOGA Ma'at Design Non-Slip 5 mm Green Yoga & Pilates Mat

You can choose a thick and soft yoga mat that will allow you to maintain good balance during exercise. If you are especially interested in light types of yoga, you can get a 6 - 8 cm thick mat. For those who prefer more intense types of yoga, 3-5 cm mats will be useful. Some yoga mats have alignment marks on them. Thus, you can apply the desired movement and posture in a balanced way. Yoga mats with sweat absorbing feature will give you a comfortable exercise experience. Since yoga mats are produced in different sizes, you can also have the comfort of choosing the one that suits your height.

You Can Make Yoga More Efficient with Different Accessories

You may need to do different balance movements during yoga exercises that train the soul and body. Using purposeful yoga accessories during these movements will move you to a better focus. You can get a mushroom block to help you focus. The cork block, which makes your balance movements safer and of higher quality, is extremely useful. Thanks to the cork yoga block, which has a soft structure, you can do postures that will integrate with nature. Especially useful for the half-moon position, the cork block allows you to keep your balance by placing your hand on it. You can also use a soft cushion to accompany you during meditation. You can maintain a comfortable and balanced posture with a yoga mat or yoga pillow that allows you to keep your hips up. Another accessory you may need while exercising is a yoga belt. The yoga belt, which allows you to relax and do all your postures in the most correct way, is useful and resistant to pulling.

Yoga Mat and Yoga Belt

NUI YOGA Leaf - Half Moon Meditation Cushion

NUI YOGA Ethnic Patterned Yoga Belt

NUI YOGA Yellow Meditation Cushion 33 Cm Diameter

It is also very important to choose clothes that will make it easy to move during yoga. For women, tights or yoga pants that completely wrap the legs and offer freedom of movement are ideal, while for men, a comfortable tracksuit and yoga pants may be appropriate. Sports bras or vests are also designed to make your yoga exercises more comfortable. Yoga clothes with seamless and breathable fabric features; It will increase the quality of your postures and positions.

Yoga Outfits

NUI YOGA Eflatun Yuksel Waist Short Leggings
NUI YOGA Purple Rise Waist Gainer Tights
NUI YOGA Purple Cross Band Sports Bra

Heal with Yoga: Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an exercise that has positive effects on both general and mental health. Since it strengthens the muscles and bones, it protects the body against osteoporosis that may occur in later ages. Yoga, which gives flexibility to the muscles, increases the quality of sleep. It relieves the mind of stress and is very effective in fighting depression. Increases concentration, protects brain health. It helps to eliminate problems such as asthma and shortness of breath due to breathing exercises. Yoga, which is also effective in reducing inflammation in the body, protects heart health and is effective in preventing cancer. It is also successful in lowering blood sugar and bad cholesterol. It is good for migraine pain and relieves the person.

The most important is yoga; it allows you to integrate with nature, increase your self-esteem and look at life with more positive feelings.


Now, it's time to get acquainted with some accessories and details that will enhance the yoga process and help you feel better... Taking the following suggestions into account while practicing yoga or meditation will allow you to be more calm.

Yoga Accessory

BOHO YOGA ART Sacral Chakra Meditation Set

BOHO YOGA ART Lavender Eye Pillow-Ivy Patterned

NUI YOGA Black Strap Yoga & Pilates Socks


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