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👔 Special for Gentlemen: 2022 Fall - Winter Fashion

, by Çağrı Mustafa Alkan, 5 min reading time

What are the ways to be charismatic and stylish with the 2022 men's clothing trends? Which pieces are more popular in outerwear? All and more in this article!

For men who say that winter clothing is more difficult, we help them to make easier choices in this season when it is really torture to dress in layers.

Special for Men: 2022 Fall - Winter Trends

First of all, we can say that dressing in harmony with the 2022 autumn - winter fashion line requires creativity. Because, as in the summer season, the situation cannot be solved immediately with a t-shirt over a jean. In this case, the question of what we should do to both dress in layers and catch the 2022 winter fashion men's trends comes to mind. At this stage, you can reach the conclusion with tiny tips that will facilitate the work and the selection process. 👇🏻

Combination Suggestions for Your Denim Jackets

We can say that today's use of denim jackets, which used to be combined with t-shirts in the spring season, has changed a bit. Especially in the last 2 seasons, we have started to see denim jackets, which have been the trend of spring months, also in winter. How Does? In coats... You can strengthen your style with oversize coats, which stand out especially in men's styles this year.

However, if you wish, it is up to you to reveal your style with men's outerwear products.

men's outerwear 2021

Ejja Design Inside Colors Wrapped Diving Jacket - Ejja Design Men's Samurai Jacket - Ejja Design Yamato Cachet Jacket


So, how should we wear denim jackets inside coats? You can add color to your style by first putting on your denim jacket and then putting on your coat over zero collar or turtleneck wool knitwear. 


2022 men's clothing trends If you examine it, you will notice that gray is one of the trendy colors this year. Therefore, if you want to be fashionable, you can choose an earth-toned coat over your denim jacket, which you will combine with dark tones. You can achieve a unity with boots or boots in your combination.


2022 Winter Fashion Men's Styles Sports Pieces are at the Forefront

This year For men, the ways to be stylish is to wear a little sportswear! We are now in an era where even kimonos and pajamas are used comfortably in daily wear. Therefore, it is both stylish and 2022 winter fashion men If you want to dress according to the trends, you can create a great combination by wearing a turtleneck sweater over a shabby tracksuit. Especially by combining the right pieces with each other, you can easily adapt to street fashion.

Don't worry if this style seems a bit far for you, you can be both sporty and stylish with designer men's hoodies .

design men's hoodies

Blascut Emperor Black Men's Hoodie - BlasCut David White Men's Hoodie - Blascut Besties Forever Orange Men's Hoodie

How to Combine Classic Pieces

2022 winter fashion men We stated that understated, comfortable and sporty styles come to the fore in their styles. However, those who say they never give up on classic pieces can adapt their classic style to 2022 fashion. For example, you can keep your style up to date by wearing turtleneck sweaters inside a suit. Or, combining classic pieces such as rubber shoes with sports pieces under the suit will help you create a cool image.

Slim Fit Tracksuits, Modern Shalwars and Cropped Trousers

Short-legged trousers, which have been in our lives for the last 5 years, undoubtedly make the leg length appear longer as they show the wrists. This helps you achieve a longer look. When you examine the publications of local and foreign bloggers, you will notice that many of them cut their own jeans. On the other hand, fitted tracksuits are one of the best pieces for men this season. You can choose slim fit tracksuits and lumberjack shirts, unprinted t-shirts, flat leather sneakers or chunky sneakers inspired by the 90s. Or, if you wish, you can make your combination unique by choosing the colors and textures that suit you among the modern salwar suits that will reflect your style among men's trousers models .

men's pants models

Dut Project Hekla -Elastic Waist, Wide Leg, Pocket, 100% Cotton Şile Trousers
Ejja Design Men's Kendo Asymmetrical Shalwar
Fine People Community The Sand Pants

Bonus: Smart Casual Style

Combining the clothes you use in daily life with collared tops 2022 men's clothing trends you can adapt. Because Smart Casual Style is very popular in men's clothing this year. In this style, trousers and polo-collar t-shirts and shirt-like pieces are usually blended. For example, you can combine canvas crop cut trousers with a denim shirt and wear a cotton jacket over it. If you choose your shoes for suede boots, you can put your signature on this style!


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