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Benefits of Using a Lumbar Support Pillow

, by Çağrı Mustafa Alkan, 6 min reading time

Find out the benefits of using a Viscofis lumbar support pillow now. After this article, it is in your hands to get rid of your lower back and back pain. Treat your waist well.

Most people today do their jobs by sitting at a desk for hours. Staying in the same position for a long time brings with it many problems. Low back, neck and back pain is one of the most common health problems faced by sitting workers. Pain in these areas, which are connected to the spine and spinal cord, can be enough to ruin your whole day. Increasing pain over time can cause permanent discomfort in certain parts of the body and can even prevent the person from working. It may be beneficial for people who work sitting to take some precautions to avoid such health problems or to alleviate their discomfort. Orthopedic lumbar pillow products, which provide support to the areas of the body where pain may occur during work and ensure a comfortable day, can be used by employees sitting down.

What is the Lumbar Support Pillow Used for?

One of the most common complaints of people who have to work sitting down is that the waist part is idle and pain occurs as a result. The spine, which cannot stand straight, puts pressure on many areas, causing pain. In addition, the body, which cannot receive support from the back, has to lean forward constantly. Orthopedic lumbar support pillows are designed to fill the lumbar cavity and support the spine. The natural curve of the spine is supported by a pillow, allowing the person to experience a healthier sitting experience.


Hernia is prevented by reducing the pressure that will accumulate on the waist with the waist pillows used to prevent disorders in the anatomical structure of the spine and muscle parts. Lumbar pillows, which offer a practical solution to pain complaints that negatively affect daily life, can be used in any chair with peace of mind thanks to their non-slip bottom surfaces. People who have to do their job sitting all the time usually carry out their work in the office environment. However, those who have to sit for hours, such as long-distance drivers, can take an effective measure against pain and discomfort by using these pillows.

lumbar support pillows

What are the Features of Lumbar Support Pillows?

The lumbar pillows, which provide a stable and supportive use while sitting, will not feel any discomfort as they grip the waist in a way that there is no gap. The inner fillings of the waist pillows, which do not cause problems such as odor and sweating and offer a hygienic use, are prepared in a way that increases the comfort of the person. If the sponge in the inner structure of these pillows has visco properties, this is it; means that the product will have high air permeability. Lumbar support pillows, which reduce heat storage between the pillow and the body and prevent sweating, give the person a soft and delicate feeling with their cotton knit outer surface fabric features.

visco waist pillow models

Lumbar support pillows also have the feature of increasing blood circulation. This is an effective point in reducing pain. Most of the lumbar support pillows, which can be used in any place with peace of mind, have a rubber detail. Thanks to this rubber, the cushion is fixed to the chair and there is no slippage. Lumbar support pillows, which reduce the tension on the nerves and muscles during sitting, are effective products in preserving the natural curvature of the spine. Able to respond to the needs of the person; Soft, medium hard or hard models are available. There are even designs of lumbar support pillows that will add a colorful and decorative air to the environment. Anyone who wants to bring color to the working environment and at the same time have a pain-free sitting experience should use lumbar support pillows; You can use it at home, office or while traveling. At the same time, large lumbar support pillow models produced for those who want to support their back with their waist or those who are overweight and tall are also offered by Viscofis as customizable.

lumbar support pillow

You Can Say Goodbye To Your Pain With The Lumbar Support Pillow

People who have to sit constantly feel discomfort in their bodies after a while. The pain that occurs during work can cause the person to take a break from his work and sometimes not be able to continue. When you use a lumbar support pillow, you do not have to take a break from your work all the time. Your energy will also change positively because of your uninterrupted work. Lumbar support pillows, which are extremely light, have washable covers and stand out with their ergonomic designs, are designed in such a way that you can carry them with you during the day.

lumbar support pillow

If you are going to use your lumbar support pillow only at your workplace, you can leave it there permanently. Lumbar support pillows, which have an elastic and flexible structure, do not allow you to experience even the slightest discomfort while sitting. It is not necessary to have any discomfort in order to use lumbar support pillows. It will be beneficial to use lumbar support pillows to have a healthy and productive working experience or to ensure that the lower back rests while sitting at home and the spine stays in the correct position.


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