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The Best Promotion Gifts

, by Çağrı Mustafa Alkan, 9 min reading time

Don't get tired of researching promotion gifts. You will find many promotion gifts or new job gift suggestions in this article. ✅

In daily life, it is possible to find the way to make people happy with small gifts. Although it is not possible to narrow this scale only as promotion gifts, today we will offer you suggestions on promotion gifts .

Promotion Gift Selection

In order for the gifts to be more meaningful and reach their goal, first get some information about the person to whom we want to give the gift. This will make your job pretty easy. Presenting gifts that appeal to the person will not only increase the happiness, but also ensure that this happiness will be reflected on you. Having a little knowledge of the tastes of the person to whom the gift will be given will save the gift from mediocrity, it will be more of a sincere behavior than just a sense of duty fulfilled. Thus, both you will be pleased with the behavior you have done and the behavior will become more meaningful for the owner of the gift. We have taken care to ensure that the promotion gifts we will offer are suitable for almost every budget. We wish you success in this sweet rush.

Office Chairs

The longer the time spent at the desk, on the chair-seat during the day, brings health problems. Various ailments such as low back pain, coccyx stinging, and back burning are among the problems that increase in intensity over time and turn into routine pains as the sitting time increases. Although the time spent on the seat cannot be interfered with, it is possible to interfere with the seat. An office chair may be among the alternatives you should consider when choosing a promotion gift . An orthopedic armchair will make your gift very meaningful. These seats, which you can obtain from many places, have various prices according to the level of comfort, the material used in their construction and the brand. The large number of options brings with it a variety of prices. You can find an office chair that fits your budget and make both yourself and your promoted employee happy.

office chair gift

If office chairs exceed your budget, you can also consider options such as seat cushions and lumbar support pillows.

Office Comfort Sets as Promotion Gifts

Comfort is one of the most important things for every employee and it is possible to say that employees who have a comfortable space are more successful.

ViscOfis comfort products are one of the least budget-consuming options for such gifts, which you will come across with many alternative brands and models.

Check out ViscoOfis' stylish office comfort sets!

Holiday for Two

holiday gift

Holiday gifts, both for promotion and for other occasions, are among the most reasonable and satisfying gifts. Almost everyone has small vacation plans during their working time to rest themselves with small getaways and to improve their performance. If you want to go beyond the classical gifts, it would be a very nice behavior to give a holiday gift for two as a promotion gift . When the person who receives the gift returns to work, he will continue on his way with increased performance and will tend to work more efficiently. Having many holiday options will make your job easier. You can choose the location you deem suitable as a gift by doing hotel or town research from many sites.

Personal Pen

The personalized pen set, which can preserve its meaning for years, will always make you memorable. Among the gift types that can be chosen as promotion gifts , there are personalized items in the front corner. Well, how about a personalized pen in the full sense? Writing the name of the person to whom the gift will be given is among the main elements that make your gift meaningful. The fact that the pen is suitable for the person's taste, usable and aesthetic will make your behavior more elegant. It is highly memorable because it is constantly considered. It is possible to find different pens with a thousand and one aesthetic appearances, with black, blue and red color options. Since these pens are mostly used in official institutions and organizations, black and blue colors are preferred more. Considering this detail will make your gift more meaningful.

office gift pen

Movie ticket

If the person you are giving a gift has a personality blended with culture and intimate with cinema, you can undoubtedly offer a movie ticket for two as a promotion gift . Cinema, which is one of the ways to spend quality and happy time, has been at the top of the list as the main actor of hobbies for many years. If you want to choose a small but meaningful gift, a movie ticket will be a good choice as a promotion gift.

movie ticket gift

Flight ticket

One of the most interesting details of travel lovers is undoubtedly the flight ticket. Especially in the most unexpected time, a plane ticket in the form of a blank check will have a more remarkable and pleasing feature than it is. Although giving a flight ticket is not a kind of gift that comes to mind, it is getting updated every day thanks to its very different and surprising feature. If you want to leave a big smile on the faces, your preference can be a promotion gift flight ticket. Arranging the flight ticket to be abroad or domestic, and even not limiting it to a certain time period will make your gift even more meaningful. It is useful to write this gift, which seems small but is actually a big gesture, at the top of the list.

flight ticket gift

Dinner with the Family

Another suggestion that we can offer as a promotion gift that may seem small but is a warm gesture might be a family dinner. Being with family always gives a sweet peace. Decorating this peace with an activity outside of the daily routine will create quite different and happy feelings in the person. Since the dinner will be a celebration of promotion, your gift will become more meaningful at every hour. For dinner, you can choose a place with a pleasant view, or it may be an important detail to choose the location by paying attention to the family environment, since it is a dinner spent with the family.

dinner gift


If you want to go beyond ordinary gifts, one of our options is paragliding. In contrast to the gifts that are usually wrapped in a package, gifts that are open surprises, that can be used when desired, can leave a very pleasant effect on the person. If you want to catch awareness and create a big smile, you can choose paragliding as a promotion gift . Since our country has a mountainous feature in general, paragliding is done in many places. If you choose your gift from a location that the person to whom you are giving the gift likes, the probability of happiness will be even higher. Let's not go without saying that Fethiye Oludeniz is the most preferred place for paragliding.

paragliding gift


Although time is too slippery to be squeezed between the hour and minute hands, we try to squeeze it between the two in our daily lives. For this reason, we often need to look at the clock. Wrist watches , which are generally used as accessories today, are among the most preferred ones for promotion gifts . If you also want to catch the edge of happiness and want to present a gift that will remind you of the value of time every second, an elegant watch will do the trick. If you know whether the person you will present as a gift likes a sports watch or a classic watch, the watch will multiply its meaning. Having a choice of watches in various models and prices will not only make your job easier, but it will also be more possible for you to choose according to the taste of the gift owner.

promotion gift wrist watch

Book Set

Perhaps one of the most meaningful gifts, books are always a lifeline. The book set will be a very valuable gift as it will be presented as both travel, therapy and a unique friend. If you find out what kind of books the person to be gifted likes, you will narrow the circle and expand happiness. Science fiction, adventure, love... Having a high chance of finding any type of book you want will allow you to prioritize books as promotion gifts . Giving privileges to second-hand book-smelling books can have a more pleasant effect.

yen business gift book

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