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5 Important Advice for Workers from Home

, by Çağrı Mustafa Alkan, 6 min reading time

Be sure to read these 5 important recommendations for the physical and mental health of those working from home due to the pandemic and similar reasons. 🪑 🖥

We think you know the song "You Know" by Little Serçe Sezen Aksu. Or are we wrong? No no, far from being mistaken; Many people know this song by heart. Let's remember a little:

Life is so cruel sometimes
Catches from a small gap

In fact, Ms. Sezen is talking about the ruthlessness of life here, giving away the impossibility of love, but these two lines seem to summarize the period we are in. We are confined to confined spaces or largely confined to our homes. I mean, life is so cruel sometimes...

We tried to explain our reason at the beginning of the issue, but my interest continues. Almost everyone continues to work from home, and most likely, even if the pandemic is over, the processes of working from home will not end easily. Since March 2020, many people have been working from home and some problems have inevitably started to arise. For some, physical problems for some, mental problems emerged. So, is there any solution for them? Although we cannot directly interfere with life, there are some solutions that will reduce the negative effects of staying at home. Let's examine together.

Advice for Workers from Home

During the processes of working from home, our physical health has reached the level that needs attention and we started to feel bad mentally. It looks like we will continue to work from home for a long time to come. So we have to take our precautions now. Here are the suggestions for those who are working from home (remote):

  1. Build a Workspace

If you have been working from home for a long time, you already have a workspace of your own. If not, design a room of your house, if possible, or a small part of a room as a study area, before it's too late. You can put a desk there and get yourself a desk chair. If you plan to use one of the armchairs or chairs at home instead of buying a work chair, definitely get a lumbar pillow and a sitting cushion .

We recommend that you stay away from noise in this work area that you have designed for yourself and never turn to an area such as a bed or sofa that will make you sluggish.

  1. Take Care of Your Dressing and Personal Care

Although we are working from home, we should not forget that we are still working. This is an important requirement so that we do not lose our self-respect and maintain our respect for our work. Just as we wake up every morning on the way to the office and wash our face, brush our teeth, shave and care, we carefully choose the clothes we will wear; It is necessary to act with the same care in the process of working remotely. As soon as you get out of bed; If you sit down to work without even washing your face, changing your clothes and wearing pajamas, you will gradually start to lose your self-esteem. For this reason, your work efficiency may decrease in connection with this.

  1. Set Your Own Tiny Plans and Try to Obey

Set a plan for yourself and try to act in line with that plan and finish your work. Of course, you will encounter problems such as not being able to focus and distraction during the working processes at home. Keep calm and divide the things that need to be done into small pieces; progress step by step. You will see, things will work out in a short time.

Of course, do not forget to take a break during this process. Instead of constantly looking at the screen or concentrating on your work, taking a 5 minute break every hour will be beneficial for you to refresh.

If you do small exercises for 5-10 minutes every 4 hours, you will protect your physical and mental health.

  1. Use a Wrist Supported Mouse Pad

If you have been using a computer for a long time, you have started to think seriously with the keyboard and mouse. In long-term and non-stop use, especially the mouse can cause wrist pain and discomfort called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The method is simple in order to prevent this type of ailment, which is so annoying that one says, "May Allah not give it to my enemy". Using a mouse pad with wrist rest.

To Prevent Wrist Pain:

The most obvious way to prevent wrist pain is to not do movements that cause pain, but that means you don't work out. Therefore, it is necessary to consider other alternatives, such as doing wrist exercises and using a wrist-supported mouse pad…

After stretching your hand forward, support it with your other hand and stretch and relax. Reach your hands forward with your palms facing the sky and clenched into fists. Then loosen it by opening it, and finally, support it with your other hand and slowly bend the wrist.

Using a wrist-supported mouse pad with a pillow just under your wrist is also an important way to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and wrist pain. It provides a comfortable experience by keeping your wrist in proper shape even during long runs.

ViscoOfis Home Working Products It offers tiny but life-saving options, so to speak.

  • Lumbar support pillows that shape your waist
  • Seat cushions that contribute to hip health
  • Wrist supported mouse pads, which are a simple but useful solution for your wrist health…

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  1. Identify Things That Are Keeping You From Focusing

Identifying what causes focus problems and taking action against them is a skill that will greatly facilitate your work. If you find it difficult to identify which activities reduce your work efficiency and you can't think of anything, you can start from the following examples:

  • Getting up at uncertain times to eat or get something to drink
  • Engaging in a conversation that goes on in the living room
  • Listening to outside noises and trying to figure out what's going on
  • playing with children
  • Using a computer to look after things outside of your job
  • Spending time on social media

You may also be interested in this article: How to Choose a Lumbar Support Pillow?


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