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Cushion Selection

, by Çağrı Mustafa Alkan, 2 min reading time

If you are looking for a seat cushion or, in other words, a seat ring, be sure to check out these special designs.

While we spend time in front of the television, in the office chair or in front of the television, the discomfort of the area we sit shows itself after a while. No matter how careful we are, we can lose our correct sitting position. When this happens, the load on our spine inevitably increases and it starts to lose its natural 's' curve, as a result of which we may feel pain. In addition, the pressure on our coccyx can trigger various health problems after a while. The way to get rid of such problems is to obtain a sitting cushion that will reduce the pressure on the coccyx and support the correct posture.

A quality seat cushion will increase our quality of life and provide us comfort. Another issue that should not be neglected by the modern person who sits for long hours or drives a car is the waist, neck and back exercises that he will do at regular intervals. It is recommended for these exercises to stand up and perform various movements with 20-minute breaks every 40 minutes.


First of all, our recommendation would be to choose a product with Visco material. A quality sitting cushion should be a model with memory foam, that is, with memory foam technology, which eliminates the pressure applied to your tailbone. You are likely to find many types and prices of coccyx cushions on the Internet. Although not in every product, price and performance are directly proportional, as in some special products. While you are looking for comfort and comfort with a seat cushion made of poor quality polyurethane material, you may not find what you want.


As the name suggests, the seat ring is in the form of an empty bagel. Thus, it makes you comfortable by reducing the load on your tailbone and supporting your correct sitting. Some doctors may suggest this after various surgeries. Thus, you can experience comfort like never before while working at a desk, watching TV or even while driving.


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