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Benefits of Using a Seat Cushion

, by Çağrı Mustafa Alkan, 5 min reading time

Check out the seat cushion models and their benefits now, which prevent back and waist pain, and protect against ailments such as hemorrhoids and fistulas.

The working conditions of the employees who have to do their job sitting at the desk all the time are generally considered to be comfortable. In fact, one of the most common judgments heard by people who have a desk job is " he earns money from his sitting position 😏" . Actually, that's not the case at all! Because working by sitting constantly can cause the person to encounter various health problems in the long term and seriously decrease the quality of life. Contrary to popular belief, working by sitting all the time is a very challenging job. While standing, our body weight is evenly distributed. However, body weight accumulates in the back and waist regions during sitting. Persons who work sitting should stand up whenever they have the opportunity, and should ensure that their waist and back areas are relaxed. Although standing up helps, it is not enough on its own. A correct and comfortable sitting experience can be experienced with some precautions to be taken during work. Using an orthopedic seat cushion is one of the most effective measures you can take.

What Does a Seating Cushion Do?

Lumbar support pillow and orthopedic seat cushion are the best assistants for those who live sitting down to the bone. By using this combination, you can be protected from possible ailments or minimize the symptoms of existing diseases.
  • Seat cushions are equipped with anatomical recesses. These indentations take the shape of the hips and provide a comfortable sitting experience.
  • With proper sitting, the spine stays upright; back and waist pain are also eliminated.
  • Seating cushions, which allow your body weight to be distributed evenly, also help prevent bone pain caused by continuous sitting.
  • Seat cushions are also perfect for people suffering from conditions like hemorrhoids or fistulas! Because people who have these problems may experience an increase in their complaints when they sit constantly. Seat cushions provide a good grip on the hips and reduce the pressure.
  • Problems such as sciatic pain, hip pain, neck hernia, leg pain, waist slippage, postural disorders, ingrown hairs can be eliminated or complaints can be minimized thanks to the seat cushions.
  • Models with an empty middle part, also called a sitting wheel, can be used easily against serious surgical wounds, pain and aches, especially in the coccyx. There are also models that hide the middle space with a special cover and look like normal cushions. Thus, the person can use the sitting mat without hesitation in the office environment. After an accident, pain or problems may have occurred in the hip part. It will be beneficial to use a sitting mat to make the healing process comfortable and without the feeling of stinging.
seat cushion

Features of Seating Cushions

Seat cushions that make sitting for a long time comfortable; It can also be recommended by doctors due to various health problems or post-operative processes. The cushions, which do not deteriorate or crush under the weight of the body, take their old form when the person stands up and have a durable structure. It is not necessary to have any health problems in order to use the seat cushions that support the body. These cushions ensure that the person has the correct sitting position. Cushions are available in soft, medium or hard models. The person can make a suitable choice for himself in line with his expectations or discomfort. Seating cushions have antibacterial properties and offer a healthy use with their sweat-proof and air-permeable structures. Square seat cushions, on the other hand, are designed to support the neck during sleep. These cushions, which support the shoulder and neck muscles, will help reduce pain complaints. It provides comfort to the person by keeping the spine in the correct position throughout the night.

square seat cushion

Long-distance drivers who use the steering wheel constantly, such as those who have to work at a desk all the time, can also experience a comfortable journey by using a seat cushion. Seat cushions can be used not only by drivers but also by everyone during long trips. Some models of seat cushions also have a removable and washable cover. These cushions, which are produced from air-permeable fabric, have the purpose of making the hips comfortable in the maximum way with their flexible structure and high-density filling properties. By preventing the occurrence of pain in areas such as waist, back and neck, which are connected with the hip, it becomes possible for the person to work more efficiently. Sitting cushions, which offer hygienic, practical, balanced and ergonomic sitting support, can be used with peace of mind both in business life and during daily routines, and they significantly increase the quality of life over time. People who sit constantly can get rid of pain and different complaints in a short time by using a sitting cushion.

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