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What to Get a New Business Gift?

, by Çağrı Mustafa Alkan, 9 min reading time

Although it may seem difficult to choose a new business gift, it is easy. Check out our article now and make your choice.

Which of us is not happy to start a new job. Of course, if it is a job we want and dream of. Today, the number of people who do the job they do not want and are unhappy with is not less. Moreover, this situation is valid not only in Turkey, but also all over the world. Our dreams are reshaped from year to year, and perhaps they have to. There is a difference of millions of kilometers between the profession we want in our pre-school ages and what we think when we graduate from university. How Does? I guess the evolution from astronaut to white collar is more than millions of kilometers :)

According to the data of Gallup, 85% of the working population in Turkey is unhappy in their business life. This number is 87% in the world and there is 70% unhappiness in the USA.

unhappiness at work

I hope you are in the minority that is happy with your job. Anyway, without further ado, let's talk about what you can buy your loved ones as a new job gift , how you can support them in the first days of starting their business. Of course, it is a choice to take the first day right away, but after a few days after starting a new job, you can also receive gifts for their needs. As you know, the gifts that go in the first days usually don't go much beyond flowers, edible cake bouquets or chocolate boxes. Our recommendations are to choose products that are useful and can be used for a long time as a gift. Buying a new business gift for a father, mother, boyfriend, girlfriend or an old colleague may be different from each other, but there are some new business gifts that can be at the forefront of office accessories that can go to any age group and any gender. The most important thing for office workers is new business gifts that they can use indoors with ease and comfort, and for our friends working outdoors or in the field, we recommend gifts for their needs.


There are boxes designed by many different brands in the market. The concept of gift box, which has become more popular recently, can be a savior for those who think about what to buy as a new business gift. In these boxes, where many different and useful products come together, you can find different options for your boyfriend or girlfriend, for your mother or father, for those who work in the office or in the field. Models with a thermos inside can be very useful for engineers and architects working outside, in the field, moreover, you can personalize them by writing a name on them and prevent possible confusion.

gift box new business

A desk set consisting of pens and organizers will also be useful for your lawyer friend who has moved to a new office in a closed environment. We recommend that you do not forget to add auxiliary products especially for the busy work tempo in the office. For coffee lovers, it is available at places that bring together coffees from many parts of the world and sell them in gift boxes. However, because coffee is a sensitive subject, it may not be liked by everyone, our advice is to try it if you can. Otherwise, quality coffee will not be a very important gift for a coffee lover. You can also add a french-press, so you can send a new business gift to your boyfriend or girlfriend as a set. Be sure that you will be very good to him while you prepare and sip his coffee with the set you sent.

"You have to give good coffee to a coffee lover. If you don't know the coffee habits, it can be a set that combines soft and strong coffees."

world tea gift

The gifts that are specially prepared for tea lovers and that bring together aromatic teas from different parts of the world can win everyone's heart, regardless of whether they are men or women who are starting a new business. While having a new taste experience, they can make a stylish entrance to the environment by offering treats to their colleagues in their new office environment. The important thing here is to choose quality brands, otherwise we do not recommend places that produce under the stairs and use chemical aromas. Remember, of course, there can be a lot of price difference in expensive or cheap gifts, but it will be enough to make a little effort to find a gift of higher quality than the price for our loved ones.

Some Gift Box Suggestions :

  • Those containing colorful and useful stationery accessories consisting of office products,
  • For personal tastes and tastes; boxes with tea, coffee and nostalgic snacks,
  • Boxes containing products such as ties, cufflinks,
  • Double, triple and quadruple sets that include comfortable work sets in the office, lumbar pillow, mouse pad with wrist support, sitting cushion and mug.
  • Boxes containing both risk-free and useful products such as desktop name holders and pen holders.


Wait, don't get angry right away, "What do you mean, I'm going to give you a cash-loaded card?" I seem to hear you say, but think about it this way, if no one asks me to buy this gift, they can meet their own needs with these cards. It doesn't matter our boyfriend, girlfriend, mom or dad, a new hire will need new clothes. Gift cards with lira, which appeal to everyone such as Mango and Zara, and which are indispensable for office workers, are now very popular. Moreover, it is possible to find products suitable for every budget in such stores, so you do not need to load a thousand liras. Gift cards, which are on the rise in Europe and the world, are now very fashionable.

gift card

Depending on the amount you load, these cards, which are used for shopping in MUDO, Zara, Mango, Boyner and many other brands, generally have a usage period of 1 year. It is useful to remember this. If you continue to think about what to get a new job gift, we can move on to a new one after this suggestion. This time might be a little different :)


Yes, who can say no to a good massage, steam room and sauna? Could it be more of a gift for your new boyfriend, girlfriend, mom or dad? They can get over the stress of the first days with a nice spa package. You may be mad at us for making classic suggestions, but here's a more original idea. Think about your friend who goes to the spa you gave as a gift after work after a tiring office day. First a nice shower, then 2 8-minute sauna sessions in the sauna, relaxation in a nice steam room and Thai massage where they can relieve all the stress of the week. Here's a gift they'll be grateful for. Do not think that new hires will not need it, be sure that their stress will be much more until they get used to it.

spa massage gift

If you don't know about massage types, we can give you some information. First of all, we can divide it into three: soft, medium-hard and hard massages. We do not recommend hard massages for those who do not have a general massage habit or who have physical health problems. In general, medium-hard massages can appeal to everyone. For this, we recommend Balinese massage. The stress of your friend who has just started a new job or has been promoted will be in all his muscles, so it just flew away.


Whether you're working in an office, a boyfriend, girlfriend or mom or dad driving to the field, a lumbar pillow will always provide comfort. What to buy as a new business gift or a waist pillow that is used continuously throughout the year, especially if it is specially printed and special to the name, is an original gift idea that will please your loved ones. We can collect the features of ViscoOfis brand lumbar support pillows as follows:

  • It produces lumbar pillows compatible with all chairs and armchairs.
  • Thanks to the adjustable fixing accessory on the back, it does not slip, does not fall, stays stable on your chair and office chair.
  • Thanks to its washable cover, you can wash and iron it regularly.
  • The print breathes and does not sweat. It has a quality texture with its special micro fabric.
  • Most importantly, it is not polyurethane or poor quality sponge. It is 100% original Visco.
  • It has many quality standards.
  • There are 5 different sheath colours: purple, black, pink, red and smoky (anthracite)
  • A gift box can be made together with a mouse pad with wrist support, a seat cushion and a mug as a set.
office waist pillow

Using a back cushion preserves the natural S structure of your spine. Original visco back cushions are a great alternative as a new business gift. As ViscoOfis, we are reshaping the office fashion. We bring color and pattern to colorless, black and white offices. Moreover, we can apply the design you want, if you want it yourself. Just think about how beautiful a designed office lumbar support pillow will look on your chair or chair, which is unique to your loved ones. Office comfort sets, which we think will be an alternative for those who are considering buying a new business gift or do not know what to buy.

👉🏻 you can check it out here.

As a result, we tried to offer advice that will relieve your boyfriend, girlfriend, mother or father's new job, rather than the prices of the gifts you receive. We are sure that even if you do not receive any gifts, it will be a very enjoyable time when they start their new business with your support. Besides, isn't it important to make them feel our support?


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