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1The Story of the Creation of Nails' Artistic Paintings

, by Tasarımcı İlişkileri, 5 min reading time

First of all, can you introduce yourself?

I think this is the hardest question. If we look at what I've done in my physical life; My name is Birce, I am 36 years old. I graduated from Istanbul University Landscape Architecture. In the company that I entered from a different department with the hope of doing the job; I worked in 3 departments for 5 years. In 2016, I quit my job to give myself a gift for my birthday and breathe a little. A month later, my life was turned upside down with a piece of 'red wool thread' I found at home.

At that time, I was unaware that I would find myself in these words of Şems-i Tabrizi. Instead of resisting the changes that 'the Truth' brings, surrender. Let life flow with you, not against you. 'My order is disrupted, so do not worry my life upside revenue. How do you know that is better than gold over the life?'

For the first time after the age of 30, I started to discover my soul, my self. I realized that my past traumas were always with me and they ruled my life. As I saw them and embraced my back then, I felt myself healed. I have been walking on this very difficult, courageous path for 6 years. The path is endless, but even knowing that you are striving on the right path is priceless.


Can you share with us the story of the emergence of your brand?

It all started when I clicked on the String Art workshop ad that fell on my Instagram page. Figures were made with nails and thread. I researched, I began to wait impatiently for the workshop day to come. I still remember how I nailed it in the wood and came up with a cute, sweet Japanese girl with string and paint. It was like 3 hours and 3 seconds. I loved it so much that I joined the wokshop again after a short while. Then I started doing it myself at home and I couldn't quit no matter what stage of my life I was at. Corporate life, pregnancy, motherhood. String Art has existed in every period of my life for 6 years.

If the work you do is your passion; I read somewhere that you don't feel like you're doing business. String Art is my passion; We continue to change, transform and develop together.

Are there any artists who inspire your designs? If yes, who are the ones that affect you the most?

String Art is an art that is very prone to coexist with different disciplines. While I was researching how I could add innovation, I saw Hülya Özdemir's portraits of women. I thought it was drawn in a computer program before. I was amazed as I discovered the details. He was making unique portraits of women with watercolors. I reached out to him and told him that I wanted to combine a portrait of him with String Art. Today, when the theft of labor is done easily and a lot, I didn't expect him to let me know without knowing me, but I guess my excitement and enthusiasm had passed into my words. He accepted and I was very happy. We had never seen each other, but a beautiful bond was formed between us with String Art ropes in the last month of 2018. When we met in 2020, I once again admired him for his modesty and sincerity. I prepared hundreds of String Art paintings of 41 different portraits. And I continue to do it with the excitement of the first day.


Could you briefly inform us about the emergence and production processes of your designs?

String Art is a limitless art that can take any shape you desire while creating decorations. You can hang it like a painting to color or enliven your wall, customize a pen holder, design a pendant for your ever-mixing jewellery, add 3D to your one line art portraits with nails and thread, wear them as necklaces & earrings, color wooden balcony railings, make a logo. , you can design space decor on an architectural scale. The limit of what you can do is up to your imagination and creativity.

How do you ensure to be original in a production and consumption cycle where everything is the same?

To development, to create a whole from differences, to transformation in short; by allowing the flow.

From the Japanese girl painting I prepared by hammering 80-90 nails on 30x30 cm wood; Transition to personalized paintings where I use an average of 700 nails for a 60x80 cm painting, combine one line art and String Art, attach flowers to her hair by screwing them, and create a real eyelash perception by gluing 14 pairs of false eyelashes to emphasize the eyelash design in the “makeup studio”. It's not a transition, it's a flow. It is the transformation of the effort you put into the work you love as you move along with it without resisting the flow of life.

As a local and original designer, what are the most challenging things in market conditions?

While incorporating global brands into their lives, without questioning, negotiating and perhaps paying way more than their worth just to carry your name & logo; The segment that tries to negotiate with the designers who offer a piece of themselves by adding their effort, experience and originality and that "What's wrong with doing this! I can do it too". This is forcing the spiritual part of the job.

The financial part is that all of our expenses, which we are all exposed to, are increasing many times over and our purchasing power is decreasing.

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