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Berrak Kaçar's Design Jewelry Journey

, by Tasarımcı İlişkileri, 3 min reading time

Hello, can you first introduce yourself?

My name is Berrak Kaçar, I am the owner of the Berrakka Jewelry brand.

Can you share with us the story of the emergence of your brand?

The origin story of my brand is actually completely coincidental. I was a very good designer jewelry follower and user. Wearing jewelry has always been a field that I have always been more passionate about than buying clothes, fashion or decoration. My first training was actually to produce and wear my own jewelry. But there were times when the jewelry I made turned into a brand and someone liked and wore them and it took me to the next level. My biggest passion; It had turned into my job, which I would do with passion and love. Then I got an offer to be an instructor and discovered the 2nd best way of my life. Teaching and a never ending learning journey at the same time. Now I both train new designers and continue my own designs.

Are there any artists who inspire your designs? If yes, who are the ones that affect you the most?

Frankly, I can't call it an inspiration, but yes, there are artists that I follow fondly and admire their talents.

hummingbird earrings

Hummingbird Uras Earrings

Could you briefly inform us about the emergence and production processes of your designs?

All of them actually emerge from the inspiration I got from the nature that I nurtured in my childhood. I try to make contemporary interpretations because I like contemporary designs the most. But I always like to add a seed, an animal or a flower silhouette alongside contemporary designs. I find myself trying to give a branch pattern to every ring. When I was a kid, I loved climbing.

I would climb the fruit trees in our garden and spend hours on a tree. That's why tree leaves, flowers, fruits and tree texture are all over my memory. This has helped me a lot in this job. I have a rich visual memory

How do you ensure to be original in a production and consumption cycle where everything is the same?

Being the same has never been an urge that suits me in any period of my life. I did not wear, wear or buy anything that is fashionable. I have never dyed my hair in the fashionable color of the period. That's why I'm a person who admires differences. I admire people who think differently from everyone else, because you need to have a certain intelligence capacity to be different. Being able to think differently, having your own ideas, believing in the results you have obtained from what you have researched rather than what is imposed and taught, in short, being unique is always admirable to me. One of the traits that made me who I am in my life was that I was unique. I don't do as I know how, my soul is extremely free.

What is the most important feature that makes your brand different from others?

I don't just produce what comes out of me, regardless of what the market likes or buys.

What are the 3 words that describe your brand philosophy and you?

Difference, I love my job, it's just me.

As a local and original designer, what are the most challenging things in market conditions?

Trying to exist in a big market. Getting people to get to know you and reach out to you is a real challenge.

What would be your advice to young designers who want to establish their own local brand?

Never give up, only those who don't give up can succeed.

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