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Inspiring Story of Cansui Design and Accessory Designs

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First of all, can you introduce yourself?

Hello, I am Cansu, I was born in 1987 in Istanbul. My settled life in Istanbul covers only the first 6 months of my infancy. Afterwards, we settled in Bodrum with the decision of my family. When I was born from Istanbul and found myself running on pebbles in Bodrum, this decision made by my family has always made me happy over the years. A free childhood and a life intertwined with nature sent me to study İzmir Dokuz Eylül Gemology and Jewelry Design in my choice of university. After I finished university, I went back to Bodrum, where I love the air and the water, and now we live with my wife, two sons and our dog.

Can you share with us the story of the emergence of your brand?

DEU. I graduated from the Gemology and Jewelry Design Department in 2007. At that time, with my dream of seeing an empty 5-6 square meter room in my father's office as a workshop, I went to İzmir Kemeraltı with the money I received from my father at that time, and bought myself a jewelery counter and basic materials. In the room I set up for myself, I was drawing on a table, producing on my workbench, and adding the photos of the products I had made to the computer. At that time, there were not so many sales opportunities on the internet. It feels weird when you think that there is not even Instagram now. Over time, when I started to share my products on Facebook, I kept thinking about what to name my brand. At that time, when my family and friends realized that he shared my nickname with the name Canşui, "Canşui Jewelry" was born as the name of my brand and decided to live with this name. We have decided to change the letter S to the letter S and continue as Cansui Design, as it aims to walk towards a global brand only for the sake of time and ease of use.

Are there any artists who inspire your designs? If yes, who are the ones that affect you the most?

Actually, at this point, I don't stick with one or a few fixed artists. I am in a constant state of change and transformation. I follow jewelry artists, but I find it better to be fed from different branches of art. For example, the Bird's Eye collection came up while browsing Art History books, admiring historical architectural structures. It was Mimar Sinan that I admired the most in this process.

Could you briefly inform us about the emergence and production processes of your designs?

First of all, I define a collection topic. Then I do a long research on this subject. The information is constantly circulating in my brain, when the collection matures, my brain knows it, and this can sometimes take a month or ten months. The moment I feel the need for a pen and paper, the collection is suddenly poured onto paper as a sketch. When I think that I have gone over and finalized the sketches many times, it means that it is time to sit on the bench, but the bench speaks to you differently than the sketches, and the design takes its final form on the bench, provided that it adheres to the content of the collection and the subject. I touch all stages of my designs, from drawing to production, and I love them. Every time I feel the excitement of birth, the enthusiasm of being in life. When that feeling is strong in you, both the energy of the collection and the desire of people to own it cause good sales of our brand and the good energy in us passes to the other side.


How do you ensure to be original in a production and consumption cycle where everything is the same?

I love to visit silver shops since I was little, but although there are many silver shops in Bodrum, they all generally sell the same products, but here I need to separate Spider Jewelry and Flowers in particular because they look at their windows with admiration, they do very well with their unique stance, they are different from other silver shops. they would effortlessly show that they were somewhere. When I decided to take up this profession, I made a promise that I would not stray from my path and that the market would not lead me. Despite this promise, sometimes there can be very difficult times because people's classic requests such as horoscope necklaces, evil eye beads, etc. may never end. For example, I made the horoscope collection in the 10th year of my profession because I found the 19th century lithographed horoscope drawings and was very excited. If a job doesn't fly butterflies in my chest, I can't do it and I definitely don't prefer to do it. Since my reason for joining the profession is to always look for what is behind the visible, your door can be opened more easily to be original.

What is the most important feature that makes your brand different from others?

Since the products are completely made by me, I can personalize the products according to the demands of the customers or I can produce a single piece that is completely personalized from scratch. I have copied products. I have produced new and better ones without dwelling on them. Mastering the design and production part feels free and when I put my 15 years of experience on it, I say there is nothing I cannot overcome. I continue to learn and renew every day.


What are the 3 words that describe your brand philosophy and you?

Such questions make me very hard :) Can't I just say that I can't convey with the words I chose? Let's close our eyes, we are on the Mediterranean coast, we smell iodine in our nose and wave sounds in our ears. In front of my eyes stands a woman with effortless charisma wearing a simple dress from a good fabric, walking barefoot on the beach in the sea, down-to-earth, aware of what's going on around her, respectful of nature, and wholeheartedly with nature. That woman is the Cansui woman.

As a local and original designer, what are the most challenging things in market conditions?

Comparison of prices with mass production products on the market, even though I do boutique and original production. A table of expenses that I cannot avoid while trying to ensure the best possible quality in everything from product material, to packaging, to presentation. The fact that most of the shops selling boutique products work on consignment. Of course, all of the tools we produce in the workshop are sold with dollars and euros and much more. These are just the ones that came to my mind at first.

What would be your advice to young designers who want to establish their own local brand?

Try to find a capital somewhere that will save your first year. If you can't find it, take the risk and work with professionals. Working with professionals will open doors for you. I do everything is not very realistic. Give the people you believe and trust the opportunity to add value to your brand. This is a private review :). Even if it's late, I'm delivering now. The people you work with should believe in you and your brand, this part is very important. Let everyone do what they do well. I am happy at my workbench and at my drawing table, and I hand over other works to those who know.

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