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The Creation Story of The Beach and Its Designs That Make You Feel Summer Comfort

, by Tasarımcı İlişkileri, 2 min reading time

First of all, can you introduce yourself?

Beril Ekinci and Neslişah Sevim. We are 2 friends, partners and fashionistas.

Can you share with us the story of the emergence of your brand?

The Beach actually arose out of a personal need. We could not find options that we could wear in summer areas, by the sea, and that would make us happy both in comfort and aesthetics. That's why we started to produce for ourselves first. We decided on the fabric, the pattern and the cut, we moved forward with confidence, and the feeling that we should share it with others emerged as we felt comfortable.



Are there any artists who inspire your designs? If yes, who are the ones that affect you the most?

We are fed from many sources. Thanks to digital technologies, it is very easy to access information and diversity today. For this reason, it would not be correct to give 1-2 names.
That's why we got an over-the-top answer right: Nature! Life, nature, nature itself is actually our biggest source of inspiration…

Could you briefly inform us about the emergence and production processes of your designs?

First, we identify the need. Let's not look pretty, I have to feel good, I have to be unique… This long list leads us down a very challenging path. The more we research, the deeper we go, focusing on providing a special solution for every issue and creating a different experience. This obliges us to choose the best fabric and make the best sewing.

How do you ensure to be original in a production and consumption cycle where everything is the same?

Authenticity is also a reproduced concept raft. Combining samenesses and similarities allows to move the issues one click further. I think that's what we call originality. Producing new combinations with what the past has given us…


What is the most important feature that makes your brand different from others?

High quality is definitely the first answer. We are very assertive about our fabrics and sewing capabilities. In the second place, we can say our boutique structure. Because we are not ambitious, we will never become aggressive in the commercial sense, we are looking for a niche audience who will wear our favorite products with pleasure. We appeal to every woman; We produce for every woman regardless of her worldview.


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