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wOOw Kids Design Designer and Brand Story

, by Tasarımcı İlişkileri, 5 min reading time

First of all, can you introduce yourself?

Hello. I'm Elvan. I was born and raised in Denmark. I completed my education in the same country. I am a Master Architect graduate from Aarhus School of Architecture. My working life started when I moved to Ankara in 2015. After working in different architectural offices, I took a break from my professional life with the birth of my son. In this process, while I was designing children's furniture to keep myself busy, I realized that I was seriously interested in this business and I have been actively designing in this sector since 2020.

Can you share with us the story of the emergence of your brand?

In 2021, we established the wOOw Kids Design brand with my partners. Our story started with designing and producing what we dream of for our own children. Although design is often seen as a 'luxury' in today's world where visuality is of utmost importance, it is actually a philosophy of life in our eyes. Considering this, we created fun and original designs by thinking primarily of children, who are our target audience. Our aim is to make them enjoy both visually and to contribute to their imagination. In our trial studies, we first observed the reactions of our own children. After this process, the wOOw Kids Design brand was born. I can say that it was completely based on the children's reaction :) Because the reaction of many children who see our products; 'waaaauuuw mom isn't that a giraffe?!', 'wow can this dog be mine?' was in the form. I can say that it inspired us a lot.

Are there any artists who inspire your designs? If yes, who are the ones that affect you the most?

Our inspiration in design is completely children. Our products are shaped by looking at the design through their eyes. For this reason, I can say that we are one of the rare brands that take our target audience very seriously :)

Could you briefly inform us about the emergence and production processes of your designs?

Our products are completely handmade by our craftsmen in our own workshop. It is very important for us that we deliver our products to our customers safely. From woodworking to coloring and polishing, we do it ourselves. Thus, no detail escapes our attention. The fact that we produce ourselves also offers us a learning opportunity. As we produce, we discover and learn by seeing what we should not do and why.

How do you ensure to be original in a production and consumption cycle where everything is the same?

According to us; The purpose of design is not just to create an aesthetically valuable product. The aim is to make a design by prioritizing the quality of life and comfort of the individuals who use it. While we were establishing our brand, I think that we have achieved a unique design line with the products we have created by looking at design from the eyes of children, not for the purpose of 'again a children's furniture brand', but as a 'new children's furniture brand'. It is not because we are enthusiastic about this sector; The fact that we see a gap in this sense in the market and our story also supports this is a plus point here.

What is the most important feature that makes your brand different from others?

I think it is different because we design products that support the fun imagination of children, care about their point of view and reflect it on our products.

As a local and original designer, what are the most challenging things in market conditions?

Entrepreneurship is very popular today. Everyone can get bored of their routine business life and create a business idea for themselves. Of course there is no problem with that. But as far as I can see in the market, the number of brands that are professionally engaged in this business like us is very few. I think that the people/brands who aim to turn the business that they see easy from the outside into commerce, disrupt the market balance. For this reason, it is sad not to observe that the brands that really add value with their products are overshadowed. In this respect, being an original designer is challenging in market conditions, but it is also enjoyable.

What would be your advice to young designers who want to establish their own local brand?

When establishing your local brand, I recommend that you first determine your users well. Because with your brand, you should add value not to yourself but to someone else. In addition, while designing, you should definitely acquire material knowledge. It is very easy to design in 3D, but producing the product you have designed is another dimension. If you do not have enough material knowledge, your design can take a completely different turn in production. This can lower your motivation.

My second suggestion is to think minimally and small :) In the beginning, our product repertoire is always very large when creating a brand idea. However, this causes confusion in the designer when moving to the production processes. For this reason, the perception that 'multiple product alternatives are good' is completely wrong. You can progress in more detail with less and more concise products and you will not lose control.

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