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The Best Office Gift Suggestions

Although receiving gifts is a very difficult situation for many, it is something we encounter a few times a year. There seems to be no one that the gift would not make happy, especially if it is a thoughtful gift. A classic gift choice is less risky, but it will make both the giver and the receiver happy. Of course, the title of the person receiving the gift also determines the quality of the gift. Different processes can be experienced to buy gifts for a lover, friend, mother, father. Not only the adjectives affect the type of gift, but also the genders themselves. Gifts given to a male or female lover often differ. When the birthday gift is included in the business, we experience the stage of receiving so many gifts in a year that the options are running out one by one.

woman giving gift to colleague

Especially if your memory is not very strong, you will be more likely to give similar gifts to the same people every few years. Of course, materiality directly affects the object to be chosen, but it cannot be said that its material value is mostly considered. Which of us wouldn't be happy with a thoughtful but inexpensive gift? Buying a gift for a colleague is sometimes more difficult. Which of us would not be happy to give a gift to our friend whom we see every day, which he will use and will work for. In this article, we have compiled the best office gift options for you.

1- Sending Flowers as a Classic

The flower is the most classic and perhaps a gift that has been given for centuries. Although it makes many people happy, some are sensitive to live flowers. In our opinion, they are not unfair, it cannot be said that flowers are beautiful in their branches and that a flower that will fade after a while is not a very useful gift. But fragrant flowers are very pleasing at first. Even if you put it in a vase and add some water to extend its life, it will die after a while. Of course, you can give a longer-lasting office gift with potted flowers, bonsai, and tiny cacti. Seeing their progress will also make your colleague happy.

office gift flower

2- Edible Flowers and Cake Bouquets

A cake bouquet or fruit bouquet designed close to the flower form can leave a wonderful taste on the palate. It is the most important issue to ensure that you are produced in hygienic conditions and to protect this environment during transportation. There is nothing you would want from a loved one who has upset his stomach. That's why we recommend sending edible flowers only from trusted sources. Moreover, you can make wonderful additions, it is a nice office gift to share for your palate-loving loved ones and colleagues who work with them in the office.

3- Who can say no to a delicious box of chocolates?

The raw material of chocolate is cocoa, a raw material that has been known and used for thousands of years. Of course, it took thousands of years for cacao to turn into chocolate. At first, the soldiers were given a few cocoa beans, and the pure taste of cocoa, which was bitter and acrid, was a food of the American continent consumed by mixing it with other ingredients. The trees can reach heights of meters, the cocoa bean used as money was also used to make a drink dedicated to the gods. Cocoa tree is a tree that can live at 15-16 degrees Celsius and cannot live above or below. Therefore, its production is only possible in certain regions.

office gift chocolate

The production of chocolate was realized with the transport of cocoa to Europe. Nestle and Lindt families made a significant contribution to its development. It is a great gift alternative for everyone, whether man or woman working in the office, young or old. The amount and quality of cocoa in it determines the taste of chocolate. As an office gift , a pack of chocolate will be enough to make our loved ones happy with the happiness hormone it secretes.

4- Personalized Lumbar Support Pillow and Back Cushion

The waist pillow is a great gift alternative for office workers who work sitting down. To add to this the adjective of a creative gift, we have added wonderfully colored cases and premium textile printing. Thus, it also had an air-permeable structure. It is a gift alternative that will be used with pleasure throughout the year, considering the spine and waist health of your loved ones. It can be used all year round as an office gift .

office gift waist pillow

5- Very Comfortable Wrist Supported Mouse Pad

In cases such as a new job or promotion , the change of the desk also brings about the change of desktop products and other office supplies. With the adaptation of everything to the computer, our use of the mouse has become inevitable. Although we need less use of mouse with tablets and smart phones, it can be said that it is a must for an office life. Wrist supported mouse pad models are perhaps thousands on the internet, but it is almost very difficult to find a mouse pad that is both healthy and specially designed. If you have chosen a mouse pad while buying an office gift , we have a few suggestions for you. Moreover, you can personalize, print names and add photos. Click here for comfortable office gift wrist supported mouse pads

office gift wrist rest mousepad

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