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Winter Decoration for the New Year Spirit

, by Çağrı Mustafa Alkan, 8 min reading time

If you want to reflect the New Year spirit to your winter decoration preferences, you can read many decoration suggestions in this article. Start the new year with a fresh decoration with these suggestions, which are extremely simple and effortless to apply.

Home decoration has an important place for most people. In recent years, the interest in decoration has increased considerably. Every detail can have a different meaning, especially for those who prefer to spend time at home rather than outside.


For those who take great pleasure in decorating their home, every season means a new beginning. Cold winter days mean more time spent at home. As such, it is necessary to give a hand in decoration.

New Year's Decoration Suggestions


The dried leaves, branches and pine tree leaves you collect while walking in the park can do your job to complete the decoration. If you want to make a warm touch to your home as you approach the new year, our recommendations are for you!

Your Sofas Should Reflect Winter

When it comes to home, it would not be wrong to say that the living room is the environment where the most time is spent. The covers of the throw pillows you put on the sofas can be changed to keep up with every season. In summer, you can choose more heartwarming, floral, fruit-patterned or light colors. In autumn, the covers of your throw pillows; You can replace it with sycamore leaves or ones with plaid patterns, deer figures or details reminiscent of winter.


If you are using an armchair or a rocking chair in your room, you can bring the New Year spirit to your home by laying a soft blanket on it. A shawl or blanket is perfect for you to wear while enjoying a movie or a book on cold winter days. You can add a warm atmosphere to the environment by placing a few blankets in a wicker basket that you put in a suitable corner. The colors you can choose when choosing a blanket or shawl are; It can be mustard, brown, brick-colored, red, beige, green. It is also ideal for winter decoration to put handicraft materials such as needles, crochet hooks and knitting yarn in the basket.

winter decoration

JOYNODES Margrit Punch Cushion

DESIGN SUSU Susu Casia Nude Straw Bag

SUGİBİ Coffee with Milk Blanket

Let the Windows Shine

Being one of the symbols of winter and new year, the star can find its place in every corner of your home. However, we do not want to go without saying that the most suitable place is the windows. You can have a view that warms your heart by hanging a large and led-lit star figure on your window. The star figure, which stands out both inside and out, is a tiny detail that reflects the winter ambiance. You can also use fairy led lighting or soft lighting on your window. These lights, which have a yellow and calm appearance, add peace to your home.

The Dim The Better

Dim light is actually a detail that you should prefer in home decoration in summer - winter. However, when it comes to cold winter evenings, dim light is an indispensable detail. According to studies, it has been revealed that people who sit in dim light instead of white and strong light in the evening are happier and calmer than others. There's nothing like enjoying the calm by candlelight while watching the rain pouring outside.


You can catch a peaceful atmosphere by lighting a few candles in your environment. Lanterns are among the candle holder choices suitable for the winter ambiance. By placing a large lantern in a corner, you can watch the light emitted by the burning candle. Using floor lamps makes your room dimly lit. Reading by the lamplight can be one of the most serene times you can spare for yourself. You can use LED lights in your room as well as in your window. You can create dim lighting by placing it on your bookshelf or wall shelves, or even placing it in a glass jar.

new year winter lightings

PATTERNED Pitch Almond Lampshade


CANDELA Crystal Candela Amethyst & Pink Quartz (Medium) Candle

How about going out in nature and getting some inspiration?

When you go for a walk in the park or forest, you can collect some decoration materials for your home. Especially in an area where pine trees are dense, the places are full of conifers. You can throw in your bag what you see from large and small cones. Dried or just starting to dry leaves, which are dominated by every color, can also be useful for your winter decoration.


You can put pine cones and pine tree leaves in empty glass jars and spray snow spray to create a Christmas ornament. Pine tree branches are a complete Christmas decoration with green thorny leaves on it. You can prepare a candle plate with these natural materials you bring home. You can welcome the spirit of the new year into your home with this decor that will suit your coffee table or console. If you are wondering how to prepare a candle plate with natural materials, it is enough to follow the steps we will tell you.

  • First you have to decide what kind of plate you want to choose. Wicker basket or bamboo plate can be a complement to naturalness. If you say "I prefer a more elegant and flashy look", you can use a gold or silver and shiny tray.

presentation decoration


SOU FORMS Presentation Plate No3


  • Place 3 large and small candles in the middle of the plate you have chosen. Although the color of the candle is up to you, our recommendation is to choose cream or white. Because a white candle will reveal itself elegantly in the materials you will place around it. There are very stylish candles and candle holders here, be sure to check them out.
  • Place coniferous pine tree branches around the candles. In between, sprinkle cones naturally. If you wish, you can paint the cones in gold or silver color with spray or regular paint beforehand. Or if you prefer a completely rustic look, you can leave it natural.
  • One of the natural materials that you can place on your candle plate is tiny pumpkins. You can make a warm touch to your plate with these pumpkins, which you can easily obtain from the markets. A tiny, orange pumpkin is almost integrated with the winter decoration.
  • Materials such as shelled hazelnuts and walnuts that are already in your home can also take their place on your candle plate. You can tie a few shelled cinnamon sticks with burlap string and place them in one corner of the tray.

Symbol of the New Year: Christmas Tree

If you like the warmth that the Christmas tree brings home, you can get one towards the end of the year. Your house doesn't have to be big for this. It is possible to find even very small pine trees that you can put on your coffee table. How you decorate your Christmas tree is entirely up to your imagination and taste. Even as you decorate the tree, you will realize how peaceful you are. The most important detail that makes a lush pine tree eye-catching is, of course, the lighting. Starting from the bottom of the tree, the led light you will place upwards will bring your Christmas tree to the fore. Arrange the colored balls that you will wear on them from bottom to top in a spaced manner. Be careful not to place them close to each other, especially those of the same color. Then you can place different ornaments that you have bought according to your taste on your tree. You can create a perfect corner by laying a plush mat under the tree and placing a lantern with a burning candle next to it, or you can create a soft ambiance by using light balls .

Now is the Time to Enjoy!

You can make a final touch to the environment with your favorite scents. The scent of cinnamon and vanilla can warm you up in the winter months. By using a steamer, you can also spread fragrant smells to the environment. Or you can make your home more peaceful with scented candles of your choice. If you have followed all these recommendations, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate or coffee and enjoy the winter by going to your favorite corner. You can read a favorite book or enjoy a movie under the soft blanket.


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