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Things to Know About ViscOfis Orthopedic Lumbar Support Pillow

, by Çağrı Mustafa Alkan, 2 min reading time

You should know these about visco waist pillows and seat cushions, which are specially produced by ViscoOfis.

Why Should I Prefer ViscoOfis Lumbar Pillow?

We use original Visco filling in all of our waist pillow and seat cushion products. The one we use in our seat cushion and waist pillow products. visco material has a density of 48 density. So it is neither too hard nor too soft. In this way, the necessary support is provided to the waist, back and spine. Our products are definitely not polyurethane or visco-added poor quality sponges . It has the international European Union CE Quality Standards and Medical ISO 13485:2016 Standards , also known as memory foam.

Do You Know This?
Visco was first developed by NASA, the American Space Agency, for use by astronauts in space.

Our visco fillers have a 10-year manufacturer's warranty. Remember, visco filling cannot be washed, but you can safely wash our cover. Our open-cell visco lumbar cushion padding has air permeability. However, we used our cover choice in favor of breathable micro fabric. Our high-quality lumbar pillow and seat cushion cover is durable, washable and ironable. You will immediately feel the quality of ViscOfis when you take it in your hand.

The printing of the designs we use on our back cushion is also 1st quality textile printing. Thus, it not only creates vivid colors, but also helps prevent the accumulation of sweat vapor thanks to its breathing structure.

Does It Help Prevent Low Back and Back Pain?

Yes. Our lumbar pillow helps prevent pain in your back and waist due to sitting for a long time. It preserves the natural "S" curve of your spine. It also supports upright posture and correct sitting. It's not as hard as a stone behind you, it takes the shape of your waist. As you use it, it becomes personalized and helps you get more benefits. In short, as ViscOfis, we always produce orthopedic products that raise the standard of living for those who work at a desk for long hours with our comfortable work sets.

  • Our products do not contain substances harmful to nature and human health.
  • Supports upright posture and correct sitting.
  • It comes to your address with free domestic shipping.
  • You will have peace of mind with the authenticity of the registered trademark ViscOfis.

It has 10 models.

visco lumbar pillow filler

We use original visco, not equivalent, in our products. Thus, while using it healthily throughout the year, you can gift your loved ones a product that they will use every day on their special days. Click for waist pillow models


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