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Decorative Lighting Models

, by Çağrı Mustafa Alkan, 8 min reading time

Home decoration has a very important place for people who do not want to compromise on comfort and peace in their living spaces. Lighting is one of the key points that directly affects home decoration. Lamp models that illuminate the environment can also take their place in the corners of our home as a stylish decorative piece. While choosing the lighting product, the size of the room to be used and the style of the decoration must be taken into consideration. How strong a light is needed is also among the details to be considered when choosing lighting. You can instantly change the atmosphere in your home by choosing between elegant, sporty, classic, stylish lamps and led lighting models.

Lighting Models

Lighting is a very important part of any home. We use it for different purposes, from light decoration to kitchen or living room lighting. Lighting products can be considered as an opportunity to spread our light and energy to our guests. There are different types such as lamps, spots and chandeliers; They are available in various sizes, shapes and colours. Lighting products also have different functions, such as changing the color temperature or the intensity of the light. You can examine the lighting products that offer a great variety and choice in terms of style and functionality below.

Light Balls

It draws attention with its appearance that can keep up with any environment, which is one of the most popular lightings of recent years. If you wish, you can choose a lighting consisting of white or cream balls to use in your living room. You can hang your luminous balls over a shelf or bookcase, or you can fix them by hammering tiny nails into the wall. Led illuminated balls are available in any color design. If you want, you can create a country decoration in your child's room, and you can illuminate the place with brown balls. You can also use lighting models with colorful balls for decorative purposes in the places you want. You can choose light balls to create a warm atmosphere on your balcony in the summer months.

light balls

Design Lamps

Design lamp models can make a strong impact on the decoration in your home. If you want to create an industrial decoration atmosphere in your home, you can choose lamp models made of plumbing pipes. These lamp models, designed using rustic bulbs, can add a dynamic and different atmosphere to their environment. If you wish, you can also choose a bird-shaped design lamp that can be mounted on the wall. If you want to change the atmosphere in your kitchen and create a dim lighting, you can choose the lighting models designed in the form of a grater. Authentic style iron lighting models, on the other hand, may appeal to your taste with colorful mosaic details. If you wish, you can place a metal lamp designed in the shape of a cactus in a corner of your living room. Smoke glass lamp models, on the other hand, can add a completely different dimension to your living spaces with their modern designs.

design lamps

Animal Figured Night Lights

If you want to bring the South Korean style to your home, you can choose from night lamps with animal figures. Diffuser LED night lights can add color to your room with their cute looks, sometimes as a rabbit or sometimes as a cat. These models, which are especially suitable for use in study or children's rooms, also have unicorn designs. Night lamp models that reflect animal figures such as bear, fox, bee, ladybug can make a warm touch to any environment you want.

animal night lamp


The positive effects of dim light on human psychology have been scientifically proven. Lampshade lamps can be effective in enjoying calm and peaceful evenings with the dim yellow light they emit. In a quiet living room atmosphere, you can relieve the tiredness of the day and sip your coffee with pleasure. You can choose a product with 3 wooden legs and a beige hat detail among the lampshade models that make a great contribution to the decoration of your home. Or you can make your choice in favor of models with gold or metal legs. Porcelain lampshade models with a sliced ​​appearance can add a country touch to your home. If you want, you can create a bohemian atmosphere in your home by choosing a natural-looking lampshade with a straw hat. An elegant lampshade model enriched with a curved metal leg detail can also add elegance to your desired environment.

lampshade models

floor lamp

You can create a dim lighting area by choosing a nice selection among floor lamp models that can take their place in every corner of your home. If you like classic style, you can choose tumbled, single-legged, wooden-legged design floor lamp models for your home. 3-legged floor lamp models, on the other hand, can illuminate your living or working rooms with their minimal and sporty appearance. You can choose a floor lamp model made of natural wood with wicker details and position it next to your library and create a peaceful reading corner for yourself. Floor lamp models with several tiers of shelves can be a useful and multi-purpose decorative piece for your living spaces. You can create a vintage effect in the space by choosing among rustic light bulb and wrought iron floor lamp models.

floor lamp models

Design Table Lamps

The desk lamp is an important lighting that accompanies you during your working hours. In addition, the effects of table lamps on the decoration of the area where they are located cannot be ignored. You can choose the model you want among wrought iron table lamps with a vintage look. A lamp tied to the tree trunk with a rope can create a natural and authentic atmosphere in your environment. Romantic designed table lamp models, symbolizing love, can take their place on your desk as a nice detail symbolizing you and your spouse. A copper-colored table lamp with a rustic bulb is among the models you can choose.

table lamp models

Decorative Lightings

Although the purpose of lighting is to provide light, most people actually see these products for decorative purposes. Well, don't you want to place a lighting that is compatible with the decoration in a corner of your home? It will change the air in your home; You can make a natural touch to the space with a handmade, ceramic, round design and matte lighting. If you are dreaming of a sparkling, dreamlike decoration, you can also choose a glass dome filled with fairy led lights. You can choose from a standing star model or led lighting that reflects figures such as pineapple, cloud, cactus, flamingo. If you wish, you can also choose among the led lighting models designed in the form of letters, and you can make a meaningful touch to the space. There are also tiny decorative lighting models that will offer you an uninterrupted candlelight enjoyment among the LED lighted lightings.

decorative lighting models

Candle Holders and Candles

As the candle burns, it radiates a pleasant calmness and energy. Tealight candles burn for 3 hours and bring peace to the space. These candles are formulated with different fruit and plant extracts. Considering the positive effects of fragrances on human psychology, it is inevitable to include tealight candles in living spaces. As scented candles burn, wonderful scents are emitted. According to your taste; You can choose from strawberry, vanilla, orange, red garden fruit, pink rose scented decorative candles .

decorative candle and candle holder

Tealight candles can be placed directly on a flat surface or used in glass candle holders. You can always enjoy the dim candle light by choosing among stylish candle holder models. If you wish, you can choose among the candle types sold in glass containers and make a decorative touch to your environment.


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