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Homemade Winter Flowers

, by Çağrı Mustafa Alkan, 7 min reading time

If you are curious about winter flowers that can be taken care of at home and want to change the air of your home with plants, you are at the right place. Flowers that give freshness to the place where they are located with their appearance and smell; decorative pots and more in this article.

For some people, plant care is almost like therapy. Especially if colorful blooming plants adorn our house, then we feel a completely different peace. Geraniums, petunias and many other flowers descending from the balconies in clusters are indispensable in summer. However, when the weather starts to cool, the plants lose their vitality and shed their flowers. Plants that are usually dormant during the winter bloom again as the weather warms up.

"But I want to have flowers in my house during the winter."

If you say it is possible. Because some plants can easily adapt to the winter season and decorate our homes.

Winter Flowers to Care at Home - Plants

In fact, there are plants that you can share your love with in every season, regardless of the season. Those who look at life beautifully and want to include these touches in their home like to decorate their environment with flowers. Here is a small list of the most preferred winter flowers or plants of these beautiful people:


Chrysanthemum, which is the symbol of autumn, is one of the plants that can be taken care of at home for the fall and winter seasons. As long as it does not stay in extreme cold, the chrysanthemum plant manages to keep up with the environment. This plant, which does not like too hot, should not be exposed to direct light. While it is ideal for chrysanthemums to irrigate less in winter, they want to be irrigated abundantly in summer. The chrysanthemum, which draws attention with its similarity to daisy, has different colors. In the autumn and winter seasons, you can make room for this beautiful plant in a design pot in a corner of your home.


The daffodil flower, which has a very elegant appearance, is a fragrant and heartwarming flower. The flower with orange, yellow or white colors does not like hot weather. The narcissus flower, which likes to be in cool places, is a plant that is an early harbinger of spring. Narcissus, a bulbous plant, blooms in winter or near spring. There are also varieties that bloom in the fall. It can be a great decoration product with a stylish and minimal flowerpot like itself.

Daffodil Pots

KITBOX DESIGN Earth Flower Pot - Mini - White

LIV STİL Effect Double, Flowered, Decorative Concrete Pot Set


Hyacinth, a bulbous plant, is one of the rare plants that can bloom in all seasons. This flower, which has a wonderful smell of its own, can easily decorate your home in the winter months. This flower, which needs to be watered once a week in winter, does not like direct sunlight. When you place a few hyacinths in stylish flower pots and place them in a still corner of the house, it adds freshness to the space. You can see some of the stylish and colorful flower pot examples below.

Pot for hyacinths

LIV STYLE Stripe Decorative Concrete Flower Pot Set Yellow

LIV STYLE Summer Model Decorative Concrete Flower Pot Set with Triple Flowers

Candle Blossom

Wax flower is an ivy-type plant. This flower, which likes to be positioned on the windowsills, blooms in winter and adorns your home with its elegance. There are also honey droplets on the candle plant, which has pink and white tiny flowers. Offering a natural fragrance to your home, this plant loves light. It is recommended to use medium or even small size pots, as it is preferable to give its strength and growth to the leaves, not the roots. You can find such minimal and small pots everywhere, but we have a suggestion for both minimal and design pots 👇🏻

🪴 Kitbox Design 🪴

Jasmine flower

Another plant that continues to bloom in autumn and winter is jasmine. Jasmine with yellow or white flowers adds a completely different peace to the environment. The jasmine flower, which likes the cold more than the hot weather, continues to bloom easily at 10 degrees and below. Although it likes moist soil, it is useful to reduce the frequency of irrigation in winter. Bright but not direct sunlight places are ideal for jasmine flower. Jasmine, which has an ivy-like structure just like a candle flower and smells delicious, shows itself in medium or small sized pots. You can evaluate the pots below, so that you can have a peaceful home environment.

🪴 Liv Style 🪴

cyclamen flower

The cyclamen flower, which is a plant that survives in rocky and forested areas in nature and is resistant to harsh weather conditions, can be reddish, white or pink in color. This plant, which is fond of cold weather, is also very easy to take care of at home. The plant, which blooms in autumn and winter, goes into sleep with spring. Since cyclamen, a bulbous plant, does not like too much water, it is useful to be cautious about watering.

cyclamen pot

LIV STIL Natural Triple Decorative Concrete Pot Set

LIV STYLE Concrete Flower Pot with Ribbon Flowers

Evening Primrose

Primrose is a plant that can keep up with the winter months. This plant, which blooms in many colors, does not like direct sunlight. In addition, exposure to extreme cold can cause the evening primrose to be adversely affected. This plant, which has difficulty in surviving in an environment below 15 degrees, can be easily taken care of in the home environment. With the decorative products and accessories to be added next to the broadcloth, a new freshness can be brought and movement can be created in the space.

⚜️ Decorative Items ⚜️


The pansy, which adorns homes and gardens with its lively and magnificent appearance, is a complete winter plant thanks to its endurance up to -20. There is nothing to force you in its care as the soil that starts to dry out is watered. Pansy, a plant that is legendary with its beauty, is one of the plants you can look at in your home during the winter months. It looks great in small pots.

Pot for Pansies

HALOHOPE DESIGN Mexican Tile Footed Wooden Flower Pot

KAYTUS DESIGN Milklike Flower Pot

Christmas Day

Being a bulbous plant species, it starts to bloom in December on Christmas Day. The Christmas day plant, which likes cool places, should be kept in a controlled place because it does not like too much wind. This rare flower, which likes moist soil, should be watered as needed. You should place such flowers in pots where they can show themselves, or you should include pot holders in the decoration, where your pot can also show itself.

design flower pots

HALOHOPE DESIGN Wall Hangable Mexican Tile Wooden Flower Pot

KAYTUS DESIGN Plant/Fruit Stand/Pot Base


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